Should companies be allowed to ban employees from wearing Muslim headscarves at work?

  • Wearing headscarves promotes negative reactions in the workplace

    If people are to be equal in all aspects in workplaces, the exposure of religious attire should be banned. Not only does wearing headscarves promote and encourage one's religion to surrounding parties at work, but it also distracts people and might even scare other employees and clients due to widespread stereotypes.

  • Companies Have Freedom

    I believe companies should be allowed to ban employees from wearing Muslim headscarves at work. I believe companies have the right to restrict clothing choices for employees as this has been a common practice across America since the beginning. I do not believe these headscarves should retain special exceptions because of this.

  • Only if Such Clothing Interferes with Work

    Clearly, some factory jobs would require safety glasses and non-loose clothing. For those applications, headscarves are not appropriate attire for employees. In general, wearing headscarves is a religious choice. Instead of banning headscarves, the employee manual should spell out specific guidelines for dress codes at work. That will leave any interpretation out of the process.

  • No, because the Constitution overrules businesses.

    The first amendment to the Constitution clearly states that every American has the right to freedom of religion. I think that a document that has been used for centuries should not be overturned just because some parts of a religion are "distracting" or "influential". Christians run around town with crosses on their jewelry and clothing, even tattooed on their skin. I have yet to see a company make a Christian take off or cover up his or her cross because it is "distracting or could lead to others becoming Christians

  • No, it is specifically stated in the Constitution that no one should be discriminated against because of the religion they have.

    The issue of observant Muslims wearing headscarves in public life is a hot button issue, especially in recent years. Muslims have the right to practice their religion even in the work place because they are protected under the Constitution. Companies cannot discriminate against employees that wish to outwardly practice their faith, as long as the employees are not violating other people's rights and are not promoting any violent agenda.

  • No they should not.

    I do not think that companies should be allowed to ban employees from wearing Muslim headscarves at work. I think that is bad practice and shows that we are not going in the right direction to accepting all types of people. People need to respect other religions and their culture.

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