Should companies be allowed to collect and sell the personal data of their clients/users?

  • It is not illegal.

    Even though it sometimes could be annoying it can help us to get things we want easily and quickly. Our life just becomes simple. Also, it doesn't harm anything. They don't just put up our private information. Google is for future services, youtube is for keeping things in place, and facebook is for business and services.

  • It is annoying, but not harmful.

    As long as companies aren't using this information to commit crimes, like identity theft, I don't see how it is hurting anyone. As someone, who receives email, mostly, junk mail, for which I did not sign up to receive, I definitely see how it is annoying. Then there are the calls I have to ignore, informing me that "You have been chosen to receive a free gift card". I just mark the emails as spam and ignore the calls... No harm done. S, I say, companies should be allowed to do this....

  • We shouldn't do it

    Someone could use the account to do the crime.You or your family will be in danger.Also, your money can be lost.Also, the world knows everything.You can go to jail by doing it.It will be hard to live because everybody knows you and your privacy so people would try to do things with your identity.

  • Personal data should not be given out;

    I did not like it when I saw my personal data being sold over the internet. Also this method has been used by crimanals to take advantage of someone. This almost happened to my neighbor. Can't understand why these companies are allowed to do this with people's information without their permission. It's just plain wrong.

  • Really shouldn't be

    If people aren't volunteering the information as public and free to use, then it shouldn't be. Simple as that. When people are giving their data to a company, it's because they need to do so in order to interact with that company. If they were interested in other companies having it, they'd volunteer it.

  • No, But They'll Find A Way To Do It

    It happens all the time, and if regulations were put into place to ban it, the companies would just find a way around it. So, while they shouldn't be able to do it, it's a fact of life now. The question is how much of it they can legally collect and how regulations on the matter are going to be enforced.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No, this is unethical.

    The personal stuffs is kind the most sensitive to talk about. It causes very big problem. Personal data consists about them self that people really take care of it. Human can just take it easily. There's a lot bad effect that could be too risky for us. Imagine what happen if they know all about our data such as bank account number our, position or job in some place. People who has bad thought could get in to the little vacancy that you give. You know what I mean. Caber-crime, kidnapping, you name it. Everything can be happen if they know about all of us. As I say it's very bad decision to make.

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