• No, this is silly.

    There is no way a company should be allowed to patent genetic material. This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. This is like saying that people should be allowed to patent blood cells or brain matter or fingernails. It is just ridiculous, and I don't understand.

  • Patent Human Genes is just ridiculous

    This just shows how greedy our world has become when corporations start doing crap like this. What ever happened to improving the world so everyone can enjoy the spoils? Thank goodness a court said the patents for human genes is illegal. That will not stop corporations from trying these proclivities in the future though.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    No, I don't believe that companies should be allowed to patent human genes. I think that it is something that should be left up to nature and that it could be very evil and insidious if a company can start charging money to create a human in a certain specific way.

  • No, companies should not be able to patent human genes.

    I do not think that companies should be able to patent human genes. I think that the idea that a company can patent and own the right to a genetic code is a scary and troubling thought. I think that doing so would be morally and ethically dangerous and wrong.

  • Leave the natural world out of business

    The fact that genetic manipulation has progressed to the point that companies are now trying to patent human genes is rather distressing. I don't believe a company has a right to patent anything fundamental to a human being, lest we all one day become the property of corporations. I, and the genes that make up my body, belong to no one but myself.

  • No they should not

    How is this even possible logically, that means then that a company could charge me for breathing and been alive. As the own the right to a specific gene in my body. Its absurd, that this is even an issue and luckily SCOTUS agrees it is absurd. Lets just hope that it stays that way.

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