Should companies be given immunity for sharing customers' personal data with the government?

  • Companies should be immune from prosectuion for sharing data with the government

    Allowing the government to monitor certain kinds of personal data is in the best interests of the public at large. Targeted data collection can aide in preventing terrorism and crime in both the foreign and domestic spheres. To that end, private companies should be allowed some degree of immunity in turning over customer information. At the same time the government should be held to an extremely high standard in how it uses and protects that information.

  • No, companies should not be given immunity for sharing customers' personal data with the government.

    When a person gives his personal data to a company he do it out of trust or out of necessity. And it is wrong to take advantage of that. The personal information given to a company should not be shared with the government unless they have the written consent of the person.

  • Is our privacy being breached? Yes.

    When we interact with a company, via the internet, we automatically expose ourselves to being exposed and revealing our personal information. The thought of my personal information being available urks me but, in the end, it happens far more than we know. To give immunity wipes the word integrity to oblivion. I do choose to work with only reputable companies to add favor on my side of being immune myself.

  • No, companies should be held responsible

    Personal data is private information, and should never be shared with ANYONE, not even the government. The companies collecting this should be held responsible for this breach of data, and should pay back any customers whose data they involuntarily share. Even the NSA and Congress have a long way to go.

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