Should companies be required to allow paternity leave as well as maternity leave?

  • What if the Mother hasn't recovered enough.

    Giving birth is a taxing process on the mother. So naturally, the recovery process after birth can be difficult. In the midst of this recovery, mothers are expected to be taking care of their baby right away. However, this may not be as easy for some mothers as it is for others. For this reason, male employees should be given paternity leave to help take care of their new child.

  • Yes, Paternity Leave Should Be Required

    Although far behind other industrialized nations when it comes to time allotted for maternity leave, the US does at least recognize that new mothers require an adjustment period with their newborn child. The same importance should be given to new fathers, as their presence in the early days can have a significant impact on not only their ability to bond with their new baby, but on how well the family is able to adjust to such a huge change. A solid, stable family life is important for any child, and by placing the same importance on fatherhood that is granted to motherhood, families will have a better chance of starting off and remaining strong.

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