Should companies be required to reveal they get rid of their chemicals to the public?

  • Yes, if they are using public property

    Most of the chemical companies dispose their chemicals into ocean or similar natural resources. It is company's responsibility to inform the public about their methods of keeping environment chemical free. The chemicals disposed into natural resources affect the public in several ways. Water, air and food pollution are major reasons. Companies make profit so they are accountable for their actions that affect the public.

  • Companies should be held publicly accountable

    It is often discovered too late that a company has been irresponsible with the disposal of chemicals. All companies should be required to make information publicly available on how they handle and dispose of any chemicals that are potentially harmful to people or the environment. When people have that information, they can make informed purchase decisions.

  • Companies should be required to disclose how and where they dispose of dangerous chemicals.

    Dangerous industrial chemicals that leach into drinking water or the environment can create devastating health problems for people and wildlife. Therefore, to protect public health, companies should make the public aware of how they dispose of such chemicals. The government and private watchdog organizations should also monitor and regulate how companies clean up hazardous substances.

  • Knowledge is power.

    I believe that the public has a right to know how and where companies dump chemicals. As long as companies are following regulations, they can do whatever they want, but people have the right to make informed decisions about where they spend their money and what companies they choose to support.

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