• It would be useful

    It would be useful

    As of February 14, 2013 total U.S. And coalition casualties, in Iraq and afghanistian, were 6,656 half of those were from rocket propelled grenades or Improvised explosive devices.

    The closest "iron man" suits, would be the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS), this suit is being developed to stand against bullets and able to stand against the traumatic forces of explosives, if coalition forces had this suits in Iraq and afghanstian, it would have reduce the death count by a estimated 40%

    In conclusion there is a place and a need for this "iron man" suits, especially in wars, but not in modernized, stable regions.

  • Investing in "Iron Man" type suits is money well spent.

    While I don't see our special operations teams out on the front lines in bright red or blue Iron Man suits, I do feel that investing money into the development of new body armour is essential for our armed forces.
    The men and women fighting for our protection deserve just that, protection. If we are able to invent a suit that has the capability of being worn, that is not too heavy, that allows the wearer to move freely and offers life saving protection, I say, Yes. We should definitely be looking to to ways to create this suite of armour.

  • No I don't agree that they should invest in Iron man suits.

    No I don't believe that companies should invest in Iron Man suits, because I'm pretty sure these are being used for special troops and I personally don't believe in war therefore I wouldn't want to support giving money towards an "armour" suit. They should keep their money and avoid being bankrupt!

  • No, I would not invest in this.

    No, I would not invest in iron man suits because for me and my family we really have no use for them so they would probably just get thrown in the closet. Some other people might have a better use for them but as for me and my house we dont.

  • No, companies should not purchase "Iron Man" suits.

    No, for the majority of companies, an "Iron Man" suit would be an excessive expense without a practical purpose. This piece of equipment would be extreme overkill for the typical security needs of any company. There are far less costly and more practical measures that can be implemented by companies for security purposes.

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