Should companies like Google be allowed to stop service in certain areas as a way to avoid extra costs?

  • They are a private company, of course they can.

    A lot of people argue that they are in some way entitled to google just because it has been there all along but that doesn't make them correct. At the end of the day, Google is a private company with private company servers and coverage and besides the contracts they hold with companies with ads, have not legal ties to provide service. It's no different than Apple stopping the shipment of Iphones to a certain place or Doritos stopping shipments to a certain place, it's their right as a private company. And there are plenty of bad engines left like bing to search if you need them.

  • Yes, should be able to stop service in high-cost areas.

    Yes, companies like Google should be able to stop service in areas that require higher costs. Google is a private company and should be able to limit their service however they please. Companies have to figure in overhead costs and act in order to stay profitable. Companies like Google also provide non-essential services that people can easily obtain elsewhere.

  • What are you thinking, Google?

    Since the internet's mainstreaming and the proliferation of social networking, the internet has become an invaluable tool for democracy. Whether its being used to organize like in the Arab Spring, or being used to disseminate need-to-know information (Wikileaks, Eric Garner video), the internet gives Power to the People. If internet companies stop servicing certain areas, they are taking away people's power to think and act for themselves, plain and simple.

  • No, Google should not be allowed to stop service in specific areas.

    Google has very mixed actions when it comes to their ethics. They have helped the US government spy on its own citizens without any cause and they have not been welcoming to open source technology. Google should not be allowed to stop there services in certain areas just to save money. They have plenty of money.

  • No, companies like Google should not be allowed to stop service in certain areas to save costs.

    Because companies like Google provide such tremendous services for both public and private use, they are in many ways given a break by the US government, who naturally appreciate the good they do for the US economy. Yet this is part of a tacit bargain whereby the US government not interferring in Google's affairs is contingent on their continuing to provide their services. By cutting services in certain areas, Google is not holding up their end of the bargain.

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