• Yes, companies should take more precautions to prevent hackers.

    Sony has been hacked, apparently by North Korea for making a Seth Rogen film. It's unclear whether this is just a rough critique of Seth Rogen or it is in protest of their beloved leaders depiction in the film. In this age, all companies should be more careful with computer security.

  • Sony Has Been Hacked

    We would all think that companies like ,Sony, already have the best-state of the art security anti-hackable system out on the market today. I am actually stunned that they got hacked. With all of the money that Sony rakes in, they should invest in better security so this could be prevented in the future. They should take extra measures to protect their assets.

  • Yes, manufacturers of gaming systems need to move quickly to increase security for their users.

    Online gaming is not just for kids anymore and the percentage of game system users has grown astronomically over the past decade, along with the number of hackers. Manufacturers of game systems, like Sony and Nintendo, need to take great strides to secure their networks and protect their users. Recent hacking events into gaming networks are a wake up call for all game system manufacturers and users.

  • Yes, Sony and other big companies should better protect themselves from hackers

    I think that Sony and all the big entertainment companies should implement better protection measures against hackers. I don't think they were ever expecting that something like this could happen and therefore they were not protected well. Hackers attack banks, governments, so why would they not try to leak interesting/juicy information about people we all know from the entertainment industry.

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