Should companies pay bonuses to workers who maintain healthy lifestyles?

  • Yes it's a great idea

    Healthier workers call in sick and are better at doing their jobs, if you give someone a few extra bucks to keep their BMI in check it's a good thing.

    It's helpful to have your employees in better heath for their well being and for the well being of a company it's a win win situation in my book.

  • Yes as long as the company saves a significant amount of money through reduced insurance premiums.

    Offering incentives is often the easiest way to promote a certain type of behavior and the easiest way to for a company to promote savings is to give some of the savings to the people responsible. The health benefits for exercise, proper diet and regular checkups far out weights any amount of money, but a little extra cash now and then is a great short term incentive.

  • Yes they should

    The companies don't have to give a lot but I think any amount of extra pay will make anyone try to get it. And this is one of the best. Telling people to stay healthy and paying them for it will make people try hard, and that is very beneficial because not only will the company have great loyal employees but in a whole people will be getting healthier, and probably looking at the others will to.

  • Yes, it benefits both parties for companies to pay bonuses to workers who maintain healthy lifestyles

    Companies would be wise to pay bonuses to their employees who maintain healthy lifestyles because it benefits both the company and the employee. The employee gains the benefit of good health, along with the incentive of extra financial gain, while in turn, the company gets more production from the healthier employee and saves money on health care costs in the long term.

  • Companies Go Too Far

    No, companies should not pay bonuses to workers who maintain healthy lifestyles. Companies have no business prying into the personal lives of their workers. A company has over-stepped its authority when it pries into its workers lifestyles. So not only should they not pay a bonus for a healthy lifestyle, they should stop trying to define and mandate their workers lifestyles.

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