• Yes, essentially by a ratio

    Companies should be taxed on a ratio to how much they make. If they make more then their tax percentage should be higher to help boost our economy and give local companies a chance to make it and promote their business to get customers which further improves local economy and eventually national.

  • Yes, companies that make a lot of money should be taxed more.

    Yes, companies that make a lot of money should be taxed more. Most times, surplus money made by companies is given to wealthy executives or stashed in offshore tax havens so that the money will not be taxed. The lower class and middle class should be relieved of the burden of taxation.

  • Companies that make lots of money should be taxed more.

    Companies that churn out enormous profits every year should be taxed more to help support the overall economy of the country. It is unfair that struggling families have to contribute large percentages of their income when booming businesses could easily afford to contribute more to their country and its people.

  • They already pay more.

    Even with a flat tax, a company that makes more pays more. If one person makes 100 dollars, and the tax is 10 percent, they pay 10 dollars. If another person makes 500 dollars, they would pay 50 dollars in tax. The person who makes more already pays more taxes, so there is no need to have progressive taxes.

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