Should companies use marketing demographics to target advertising to consumers?


    Successful marketing campaigns are built upon targeting their consumers. It would be counter productive for a business to focus on customers who have no need or desire for their product or service. Using demographics is a great tool to help zero in on potential new leads for a new oppo

  • I think they should

    I would much rather get targeted marketing and ads than random ones. I think it's personally fine for companies to use marketing demographics to better advertise their goods or services. I think it needs to be done within reason, but if it is, then I don't see why it is a problem.

  • Marketing demographics allow precision advertising, saving money.

    Companies should use marketing demographics to target specific consumers whose needs are met by the company's product. This tactic will save companies money and improve the experience of consumers by preventing useless advertisements from being displayed. Consumers are better paired with appropriate products and companies are linked directly to their target market.

  • Companies should continue using marketing demographics to target advertising to consumers.

    Allowing companies to use marketing demographics in order to target advertising to consumers is a great idea because it allows for personalized marketing. Personalized marketing maximizes the amount of things you see advertised being something you may actually want to try out. Without demographics, companies would be advertising the same products to everybody.

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