• Nurture your brand

    If you are serious about building a successful business online, you should consider online PR as an essential part of any Internet marketing campaign. Online PR will enable you to develop positive brand awareness making sure all the positive news about your company reaches those who find it relevant. Online PR consists of various tools from writing and distributing press releases to doing keyword research to create high quality articles that the search engines will love to index.

    Difference between Online PR and Traditional, Off-line PR

    Although you will still find online publications like magazines and newspapers that work in very much the same way that traditional media has worked, this is actually the exception than the norm. Online PR is more clued up to the promotional marketing and advertising aspects of a company’s needs then its traditional counterparts.

  • Yes, viral videos are an entertaining and in expensive means of marketing.

    Viral videos are an inexpensive means of disseminating marketing information. Furthermore, as an entertaining means of conveying marketing information, they are far less objectionable then traditional advertisements that are a part of our daily television and online experience. Additionally, the funds saved on more traditional advertising could reduce product costs.

  • No, I don't believe they should.

    I do think that marketing does need to change in order to get the attention of this latest generation, but I think it would be very hard to make an intentional viral video. I have seen many that amazed me and never went viral and many that went viral where I didn't see the appeal.

  • No, both used together can be effective.

    I believe that using viral videos, in certain contexts, can diversify a company's marketing approach and result in success. However, I don't believe that viral videos, or any other marketing tool, should be used at the expense of traditional marketing. Different groups of consumers respond to different marketing tactics, and it would not be wise for a company to stray away from traditional marketing practices that have resulted in success over the years.

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