Should companies which use hydraulic fracturing to extract resources be required to pay a tax to do so?

  • If they have to, yes.

    I do not think that we really should be using the hydraulic fracturing technique at all because it has been found in several instances to contaminate the ground water and have other bad effects. However, if they are going to allow it, then a tax needs to be put on it.

  • Fracking needs Taxing

    Fracking took a huge swing into practice from its beginning, and we are only now starting to understand the effects. Faucet water that catches on fire is probably a scene that most Americans fear as it pertains to fracking. While these types of incidents are not typical, they do happen. Fracking companies should be taxed in order to support the recovery efforts that result from Fracking. Accidents or not, common or not, someone needs to take responsibility for the safety of the citizens. That is a great responsibility of a governing body. Leaving that responsibility to the industry causing the problems has proven to be impractical. See Bophal, or the Gulf Oil Spill.

  • Frackers should pay a tax that contributes to alternative energy sources

    Companies that use hydraulic fracturing to extract resources should be required to pay a tax to do so. The fracking process creates so much stress on the earth that the companies should pay a tax that pays into helping the environment. These taxes should go to building windmills so that fracking gets eventually eliminated.

  • There is no legitimate purpose for such a tax.

    No, companies which use hydraulic fracturing to extract resources should not be required to pay a tax to do so, because there would be no purpose in requiring such a tax. The only purpose of such a tax would be to discourage the activity from happening. There is no proof that fracturing is destructive, so that is unfair.

  • Fracking Companies Should Pay Landowners

    Fracking companies shouldn't have to pay extra taxes to engage in the extraction process. Instead, companies that engage in hydraulic fracturing need to compensate landowners handsomely for using their land to extract hydrocarbons. Sometimes, contaminated drinking water isn't enough for what energy companies pay. Still, extra taxes shouldn't be part of the solution in a free market economy.

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