• Yes competitive eat SHOULD be a sport

    Competitive eating should be a spot for those who consume a lot of food in an incredible amount of timing!
    It should also be considered a talent for those who look at it from a perspective as to why they cant do what that competitive eater can do.
    Just as a runner, not everyone can run as fast as some people so its considered a sport not because he can do it but he can do it better then others.

  • No it shouldn't be

    Are you serious? There are people willing to put money into eating unreasonable amounts of extra food for no good reason while there are millions of people starving on the streets. That is utter nonsense. More people are already obese or overweight anyways as well, so really? I know very few people eat competitively but it's just so wasteful and pointless

  • No, our country is dealing with obesity already

    Competitive eating is not a sport. It may require extensive training but in a way that harms the body. Consuming food at a high rate of speed is extremely unhealthy. Sports are generally considered to be a competitive physical activity that requires physical training. That physical training and the activity involved in playing in a sport usually lead to better health, not worse. By that definition, competitive eating is not a sport.

  • Competitive Eating should NOT be a sport.

    Our entire global ecological system has a finite number of resources. With our global population growing exponentially, these finite resources have a dangerously close expiration date. Competitive eating is completely unnecessary. Imagine a society that would burn through excessive amounts of food for the sake of competition, but would donate $0.75 a day to help starving children around the world.

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