Should composers have equal credit/recognition as singers?

Asked by: monsieur_jer
  • Yes they should.

    It came as a shock to me when recently I realized that most popular artists/singers don't compose their own songs. Instead, They or their record label will hire a producer and even a songwriter to compose under their name. So this leaves me wondering why we give so much credit to these people whose only accomplishment is being blessed with a good voice, Which doesn't take much effort compared to, For example, Composing a song, Which takes many hours of work.

    I'm totally fine if the producer doesn't want all the fame, So maybe the singer could be the public face of the songs and albums, But the fact of the matter is, Producers only make 20-25% of what the credited artists make. ("The record royalty for a music producer is usually between 3% and 4% of the record’s sales price, Or 20% to 25% of the artist's royalties. " - Heather McDonald, Thebalancecareers. Com). If these people are the ones behind the famous tunes you know, Why do you give so much credit to the people who spend a couple hours in the studio to record themselves singing the other people's work? I think we should go back to giving them at least equal credit and money to the singer. Just look back to the old times. Tchaikovsky got way more credit than one of the random cello players in his orchestra. And even then, I think it takes way more talent to play cello than to sing.

    I'm not trying to disregard the singers though, Since many of them are sort of entrepreneurs, Building their brand from the ground up. But we should see it for what it is; singers are generally the brand's face, But producers are what make it what it is. Anyways, I hope this gets some response, If you agree or disagree.

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