Should comprehensive sex education be taught in middle schools?

  • It's their choice.

    Sex-Ed is a good time to teach in Middle School. But there are students who feel awkward about learning that stuff. The class should only be optional and not required. This is so whoever wants to learn it, Can. While the students who don't wanna learn, Don't have to learn.

  • Knowledge is power!

    Children need to know about these things (their bodies, STD's, teen pregnancies). The school should lay the foundation and the parents can choose to go more in depth or not. Getting the educational version is a much more realistic viewpoint than getting the medias version of how amazing sex is. Children need to know that not everyone is doing "it." They need to learn about the many different STD's that have no cure. They are going to do it if they choose to so educate them on how to be safe if they make that choice! We are living in a very sexual time where it is being portrayed everywhere but the facts are not. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!

  • ABSOLUTELY it should!

    Kids these days are starting things younger and younger. I have 2 step-children in middle school and the things these boys come home talking about from school is appalling! Children at this age just seem to think that it is the "in" thing to do and do not yet have a sense or even small concept of sex and the consequences. Children need to be educated properly on this subject.

  • Kids these days are just disturbing

    They get pregnant at 15. There are currently 3 girls pregnant at my school and its small were a 2A school. And one is a freshman... Half my school probably has an std or something. Its not right and embarrassing to be in my school. I wish that sex ed was taught to grades 5+ and every year after that. They need to know how important it is.

  • I got pregnant at 15

    I got pregnant at 15. I am now a mom of a 2 yr because sex ed was not taught in middle school. I do not want that for other students that are in middle school. I believe sex education should be taught so that more middle school students don't end up like me.

  • Yes, yes, yes!

    I am in college now but when I started high school, over half of my class had been either having sex since the 6th grade or had been having oral sex since then. Waiting till high school is TOO LATE. And most parents are usually in denial that their "sweet angels" would ever do such things. Why do you think so many kids are having kids? And why so many diseases are being passed around? Lack of knowledge.. Sex education should be taught in junior high.

  • Education is Empowering

    Anyone answering this question should research the definition of "comprehensive sex education." Comprehensive sex education should include medically accurate, age appropriate information delivered by a trained educator. Those that believe this type of course teaching kinky acts and/or sexual positions or encourages children to have sex is completely off base. Making decisions based on what you THINK a child will be learning is ignorance at best.

  • If they learn puberty why not sex education?

    If they are old enough to know what their body is going through when it hits puberty, why not teach them why its doing that. Teaching kids about sex should go hand and hand with puberty. Giving them a heads up on things such as STDs and teen pregnancy could lead to a decrease in teen pregnancy. The schools should have a permission slip drawn up for kids to take home and have the parents have the final say. If they dont sign it, then it should fall onto the parents to tell the kids what it is. If not then they have no room to complain if their 13 year old is having sex or their 15 year old is pregnant. Its their fault for not informing and taking preventative measures.

  • Yes, it should be taught.

    Kids can't just stay away from sex forever. Anyways they have probably heard about sexual elements from friends, movies, books, TV shows, pretty much the world! There is no point in delaying this learning any longer. Schools should go ahead and just educate students about sex, STDs, pregnancy, and the other information relating to sex.

  • They need to learn about HIV/AIDS.

    If people are taught about the risks of sex at an earlier age, they will be more prepared when a situation regarding sex arises. Contraceptives, teen pregnancy rates, and sexually transmitted diseases are all topics that should be discussed in junior high classes so that when they go into a senior high comprehensive sex education class, they can build on their previous knowledge. This means they will be more responsible if they do become sexually active as a teenager.

  • True Bling

    No because the term "comprehensive" means that kids will learn things that many adults don't know and don't need to know. They should get some sex education (sex leads to babies, wear a condom, basic anatomy, that kinda thing), but "comprehensive" suggests they'll learn positions, kinky acts, and terminology they are not mature enough to understand or relate to.

  • Sex education classes should not be taught as a middle school class.

    Children this young will not understnd the importance of the class they will laugh at the images and mock the lectures. If the class was to start in high school the information would be better recieved and retained. Also parents can not just rely on the class for help teaching their children. If you think your child may be thinking about sex then have that talk with them and be sureto emphasis the important parts such as abstenince, or protection as wel as not fallinginto the hnds of peer pressure start when you are ready not when someone else deems you ready.

  • Comprehensive sex education should not be taught in middle school because the children are to young to know the details about sexual intercourse.

    Sex education should wait until high school because the students are more mature and (hopefully) it will teach them about safe sex. In middle school most students would probably be laughing about every picture. If the details about sex were held off until high school, it would also hopefully help the students wait until they're a bit older before they start exploring that side of life.

    Posted by: BDanielle
  • Not At All

    this personal subject is for the authority in that minors life to explain this to them. teachers are not able to teach this in a correctly manner of fashion. They are only touching on different topics that will scare the kids instead of it all. This can be a loving issue just as well as a hard issue for students.

  • NO


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