Should computer coding be taught in K-12 schools?

  • Programming should be included in the Grade 6 curriculm

    Knowing how to code or program is necessary to keep up with the world economic world growth with technology. By 2020, the employment that requires a skill of programming is estimated to increase by 22 %. The students right now in school are the next generation of the world, and they need to start catching up in order to participate in the economic development of the world.

  • It can give kids an easy path to money.

    Code is fun and most kids should feel how fun it is and if we put code classes in school they can use it later in life. Programming is an easy way to get money. This could help end poverty in the U.S. We all want to end poverty right? Computers are the future of the world and if we know code them they will be more useful.

  • I think that computer coding should be taught in K 12 schools.

    I think that computer coding should be taught in K 12 schools. The Internet is the wave of the future. In the future of the majority of business on a global scale will be carried out through the internet. Teaching kids coding at an early age will give them an advantage over the competition.

  • Teach computer coding in K-12 schools.

    Learning to work with a computer on a deeper level than moving a mouse is a very important skill. It teaches you problem solving and also how to break down a task into elements that are easier to work with. Computer programming should be taught in schools across the USA.

  • Technology doesn't stand still.

    How can we expect our children to understand the world in which they are going to live if they don't understand the technology they will rely upon? The skills don't have to be advanced, but they can learn simple coding and programming. The knowledge will make them better students in their future.

  • Yes, it will prepare children for careers in technical fields

    A lot of Americans talk about how our country does not produce enough engineers. Computer coding and programming is an essential tool nowadays for many branches of engineering. The fact that some kids would have to wait until college to take a programming class would put them at a disadvantage. It is more important for technically-minded kids to be learning computer coding than a foreign language or an art.

  • Yes, it's useful!

    I do think that classes in computer coding should be offered in K-12 schools. I do not think they should be part of the core curriculum, but rather an optional class that interested students can take to get an introduction to programming that may help them later in life. I think it could really help younger students get interested in the IT field at an early age.

  • We are going through obesity crisis

    Shouldn't we be getting people of from being in front of screens. If we are going through an obesity crisis, people need to exercise more and get outside. Shouldn't we be teaching children to exercise and get outside instead of sitting inside all day making programs and playing games which leads to.... OBESITY

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Anonymous says2013-09-20T05:57:12.283
No ...Because that's a kind of joke......