• Indent style should be expanded.

    Computer programmers should expand indent style. This is because so many programmers are already used to the way the code is written, that to try to change it now would require re-educating programmers. This would be a waste of time only to try to relay the same information that has existed for the past 20 years in programming.

  • Easier To Use

    I believe computer programmers should expand the use of indent style. I believe as a way to format, it makes programming markup far easier to read and it makes the process far more intuitive for beginners to understand. I believe indent style will continue to be a popular choice for programmers.

  • Make it bigger

    I think that they need to expand indent style, and make it a whole lot better. I think that it is a very good program that is used to make the different computer programs that we like to use. I think that with some work it could be made even better.

  • Indent style should be expanded

    The only reason not to use indent style is if you don't have a screen that can handle it. It becomes difficult to read if you have 32 indents and a screen that can only show out to 30. Scrolling left to right to read code is not that difficult. Keeping the code organized through the indent style makes it easier to understand, and thus troubleshoot. I would actually say to maintain indent style, but with the only other option being to reduce indent style, I choose expand

  • No: Computer Programmers Should Not Expand Indent Style

    Sometimes, doing what you already know how to do best is the way to proceed. Minor changes can cause more of an inconvenience than they are worth. As such, computer programmers should save themselves the hassle and keep doing what they've been doing in regards to the usage of the indent style.

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