Should computers be seen as legitimate musical instruments, as used in EDM, electronica, and other forms of electronic music?

Asked by: zotikus
  • It's been an instrument since the 70's

    While not many people are willing to admit this, because theyre close minded and stubborn. But electronic music has been treated as an instrument by many legendary bands and artists since the 70's. Anyone alive in that time will know about the huge wave of synth rock that came when synthesizers were becoming bigger in scenes.

    Most rock bands, Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd, Queen, Emerson, Pete Townshed, Genesis, Can, and Faust all used synths as major instrumentation in their albums for extra texture and instrumentation. On the second hand, the 80's brought in synthpop and electropop, where artists like Madonna made their big breaks and other groups such as DEVO and Duran Duran began their escapades on the music scene.

    Not all electronic music is prerecorded, a large process back in the 90's with the underground electronic scene and the more mainstream French House scene was using synthesizers to manipulate sounds into different melodies on technical scales. Its something that has been a foundation for many artists in scenes for over 50 years. Just because its not something you like doesn't make it "music." Get over yourself.

  • By definition, it is an instrument

    The definition of "instrument" from merriam webster: : "a device used to produce music; also : a singing voice"

    a computer is a device that can be used to produce music, and is therefore supported by the definition of a musical instrument to be a legitimate one. It makes enough sense to me, at least.

  • Eh... Sort of

    The computer itself isn't the instrument, rather the programs used to produce the rhythms and sounds.
    Nowhere in the definition of 'music', that is "vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion", does it state the necessary types of mediums used to create sound. Industrial musicians have used scrap metal, experimental musicians make use of items completely unrelated to musical instruments, so a computer program that assists in the production of sound should be considered a valid instrument (like the examples provided), as it, well, assists in the production of sound.

  • Yes, It creates musical sounds and can be used for composition.

    A musical instrument is a tool adapted for the creation of musical sounds. The purpose of the computer varies, But production software is designed for musical composition, And the computer is the input for sound creation. I strum a guitar and sound is emitted. I compose and press play and sound is emitted. Therefore, One must admit that the means of creating music does not matter as the ends are auditory art.

  • Instruments Sole Purpose

    To be an instrument it had to make it's own music. Most people will say that the only way a computer makes music is by pre-recording sounds a "real" instrument makes. THIS IS NOT TRUE things like EDM and dubstep cannot be made by "real" instruments they can only be made by computers. Where some people do not consider this music but that is and opinion. So for some people the argument comes down to if you like electronic music or not.

  • Computers are instruments.

    Computers don't just replay other sounds, they warp and change them until you couldn't tell what the original noise was. Plus computers can make music out of other noises, such as looping someone saying a random word, then speeding it up until it's a kind of whine, then making the whine deeper and adding a beat. If this doesn't make a computer an instrument, then the fact that it makes a noise when you hit should. That is what makes most instruments instruments.

  • Sort of maybeish

    Electronic music in a way is almost all over the place. Bands now record to DAW'S and dont follow the analog route and mixing engineers now are moving to DAW's like Pro Tools. The only difference is that most electronic musicians don't actually play their songs but they make their music quantized which is so unreal and lifeless. Also they buy lots of samples so they can take shortcuts. Electronic music is horrible but I say Yes for the Mixing engineers and bands of today.

  • Its makes sound

    You can use a computer to make music, by buying something for it. You can edit music on there, and it can be used for measuring things like inches, degrees, or even using it for a calculator. The thing is the keyboard even too makes a type of music that you can hear.

  • It qualifies as an musical instrument.

    Instruments in music are tools to produce sound for artistic purposes. If computers can produce sound, it can be used as an instrument. Now if you just play a song on it, that's not the case. Can computers be used to create music, like a violin does? Then it does.

  • Eh, both seem the same to me

    It's a bit hard to classify technology as an instrument. Looking back, people have always used guitars, keyboards, and other things. But when it comes down to it, an instrument is just a tool to make a sound. A beautiful and harmonious sound, but still a sound. Technology is not that different. Both of them produce a sound to someone's liking. And c'mon. People consider the triangle as an instrument and all you do is tap it. Personally, technology can be considered music.

  • If there would be a "maybe" answer I'd pick it but...

    In general, I'd have to say "no". Most computer generated music sounds like ****. Besides, one can buy a program, read it's book of instruction than make music without any musical knowledge whatsoever.
    I'd pick the answer "maybe", because by definition a computer is indeed an instrument. It can be a musical instrument as it can produce music. But "legitimate" musical instrument? Not always. Definitely not always.

  • A computer is technology, not an instrument.

    Musical instruments are things that make music, not electronic noises. Instruments such as guitars, pianos, saxophones, drums, trumpets, etc. I only consider computers as technology. It doesn't take much skill to play noises on a computer, but it takes skill to learn how to play an actual musical instrument. -PatriotPerson

  • Yes and NO

    Provided its creating the music/sounds its playing, than yes but if your just hitting play in a media program to listen to music than no.

    It would be like saying a CD player/DVD player/Radio/TV is an instrument since they are only playing pre recorded music, they have not created it/produced it, the original singer/instruments created it the device its later played on can not claim credit.

    You could argue that a computer is an instrument in the same way a:

    music box or self-playing piano but they are considered instruments because they are designed with a mechanical/engineering within the instruments to physically recreate the music each time they are used.

  • Det är dåligt

    Det är dåligt för att all tradition dör ut tillslut kanske men jag vet inte riktigt måste reseracha mera då jag inte kan så mycket inom detta ämne men måste såklart lära mig mera än vad jag redan kan så att jag kan vinna debatten tillslut så att jag inte förlorar

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