Should computers replace the role of teachers in education?

  • Yes, computers and individuals should replace teachers.

    Unless the education desired either requires a teacher, such as an education in medicine, or if the individual wants a teacher, every person's education should be up to the individual's choice. Computers make it easy to access any information available, rendering the dated model of memorizing facts obsolete. Humans must learn to think creatively and critically, which they can do with the help of computers and their own innovation.

  • No, computers should not replace the role of teachers in education.

    Computers are tools to be used to advance the educational experience for students on all academic levels. As tools, they are vital resources in a comprehensive educational process, at the center of which is the teacher. The optimal learning or educational experience is one that includes give and take, as well as in depth discussion, between teachers and students. Computers enhance these experiences, but cannot replicate the role of the teacher.

  • Computers are good tools for education but are not a sufficient replacement for teachers.

    Computers are a good learning tool. They are not, however, a sufficient substitution for teachers. Part of learning takes place in the interaction between students and teachers. Through body language, expression, and nuances, teachers communicate small details that help students understand the complexity of lecture topics. Without these details to aid in the learning process, learning would actually be more difficult.

  • No, computers do not have the ability to connect with and educate students in the same way as teachers.

    Computer technology and artificial intelligence are continuing to evolve, and computers are taking a larger role in the world of education. However, the tech world is still a long way of creating a computer that thinks and feels the same way as a human being. Only a teacher who has human empathy and intelligence can make the connection necessary in order to properly educate and make sure each student is learning properly.

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