• There is no woman in America more respected.

    Can't be accused of being anti-woman
    Can't be accused of being racist
    Can't be accused of lacking experience
    Can't be accused of sexual harassment
    Supports law enforcement
    Knows all the key players
    Has worked on a bipartisan basis
    Is well educated
    Is well spoken
    Garners mass public respect
    Does not court the media
    Has a great sense of humor
    Is not easily angered
    Is not easily influenced
    Displays a calm demeanor
    Maintains a professional appearance
    Has a history of respectability
    Has not compromised her principles
    Has followed directions required by her job
    Has not leaked information
    Is discrete about her personal life
    Supports our military
    Has foreign affairs experience
    The list is endless
    Unfortunately, she does not want to run for President

  • She would be a fine presidential candidate

    I have a great deal of respect for Condoleezza Rice. She is smart, diplomatic, and experienced. I believe she has the potential to be a strong and effective leader of this nation. These are some of the qualities I personally look for in a presidential candidate and I would welcome seeing her name on the ballot.

  • Rice would make a fine choice for a Presidential candidate.

    Condoleeza Rice is exceptionally intelligent and is one of the few faces of the Republican Party that shows firm resolve, a record of accomplishment, and a strong sense of character. Rice would bring a level of consistency that no member of the Republican Party brings. She would be a consensus builder in true fashion and can stand on her own two feet in a way few other can.

  • It would be a bad decision for her to make.

    Condoleezza Rice could attempt to run for President, but it would be political and professional suicide. The bad things she supported while working for Bush The Lesser while he was President will be used against her. And let's face it, hardcore conservatives are the most bigoted creatures on earth. They'd never for a black woman.

  • Bush Adminstration Ruined Her Chances

    Condoleezza Rice's career was ruined when she took the fall for authorizing torture. Although she merely passed the message along to the CIA, he actions are looked down upon by many Americans and running for president would more than likely drudge all of this up again. She wouldn't have a chance at winning.

  • No, Condoleezza Rice should not run for U.S. President

    Although she is a canny politician and a strong, intelligent woman, she does not have the breadth of experience that a presidential candidate should have. She also served as Secretary of State during some of the most contentious and ugly occurrences in modern American history. She is part of a gropu that has been too divisive and too partisan to garner enough middle-of-the-road votes to win the election.

  • No, Condoleezza Rice should not run for President.

    Condoleezza Rice lacks the experience required to be President. She also lacks the broad appeal and recognition that is necessary to be elected in our current system (electoral college). Additionally, as the former Secretary of State under George W. Bush, she would have a hard time distancing herself from one of the least popular presidents in recent history.

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