• They do it anyway.

    Seriously, people who are gonna say " Oh, there gonna start! " are stupid, they already are doing it. Might as well make it save for them. Considering putting a child on their hands immediately is not a good thing for everyone.

    The world should be supplied birth control. Would help.

  • Opposed to condoms NOT being allowed and teenage girls getting pregnant? Yes

    Lets look at the facts: Condoms prevent women from becoming pregnant after sex. When it comes time for when teenagers are going to start experimenting and wanting to try sex, I think that allowing condoms and not risking the teenage girls becoming pregnant is much better than forcing unprotected sex by not allowing condoms.

  • Distributing Condoms is the Go ahead for having Sex.

    Teenagers are young and undeveloped and should not be given condoms since this may be seen as the go- ahead to have sex since the teen may feel that he/she is expected to have sex. A condom also isn't 100% safe, as a matter of fact it is only 98% safe WHEN USED CORRECTLY. What happens when a condom breaks and there is flesh to flesh connection? Do you think that those teens will stop? They are just teens. I don't think that they should feel that they are ready and expected to have sex.

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