• Better than having to deal with STD treatment down the line

    Free condoms to inmates would be cheaper on the taxpayers than having to pay for HIV and other STD treatments later. A few cents a condom verses a few thousand per treatment/long term management would save money. They are going to do it anyway, providing protection could be seen as an investment in inmate well being by decreasing medical costs that the taxpayers have to cover.

  • Men will stick their pecker in everywhere

    Rape is rampant in some US prisons

    from a watch group rapport:

    "In 1997, Robert was arrested for possession of marijuana and taken to the Clark County detention center in Las Vegas where three men raped him in the shower. Now, 18 months out of prison, he is still trying to come to terms with the experience."

    "The whole thing was over in five minutes but I've been carrying it around ever since. Those five minutes are still hanging over my life," he said. He has been unable to resume a normal sex life with his wife, is plagued by flashbacks and nightmares and is in group therapy to deal with his problems. It might appear to be sex between consenting adults. But many men only 'consent' to being penetrated out of fear that refusal will lead to worse beatings and rape," he said."


    also for the young people, there is a movie:

    They even have a cute name for taking away a man's self worth. They call it "turning out an inmate"

  • Condoms should not be handed out freely in all male prisons.

    If the government were to hand out
    free condoms in all male prisons, it would be making a statement that it is in
    support of homosexuality. I think that
    this would be a bad decision, even though HIV is running rampant through the American
    penal system. It would be better to
    offer the condoms for sale through the commissary.

  • Sexual Intercourse is Illegal, why make it safer?

    In prisons, sexual contact is considered illegal. Understandably, not everyone abides by these rules and there could be health concerns, but under the current policy it does not make sense to give out condoms while saying that having sexual contact is illegal. Either make sexual contact legal, and then give out condoms, or keep it illegal and provide none.

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The_Serb says2014-04-14T19:16:08.110
In prison, it's considered perfectly manly to rape someone as long as you're not the one being penetrated