• Safe Sex Better than STDs, Pregnancy

    Teenagers are going to have sex. If parents can't afford contraception, then the easiest way to prevent STDs and teenage motherhood is to slip a condom on a boy's member. The perceived stigma of wearing condoms is better than being scarred for life by an STD or making an 18-year mistake for just a few minutes of pleasure with your significant other.

  • Most are missing the point.

    Schools are not giving out condoms to promote sex. It is to promote safe sex due to an extremely high rate of sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies. This is a health issue; if it wasn't then there wouldn't be this debate. There is very little evidence to support that giving out condoms increases sexual activity.

    Schools are not just going to give out condoms to all students without proper discussion about sex education and sex practices. Likewise participation in these classes/session as well allowing students to receive condoms in school will be done with parental permission with parents having the right to refuse their child to partake.

    It is all good saying that students should go to their parents to seek advice and guidance about sex and sex education, but that is what has been expected for a long time, and it is clearly obvious it is not working. Therefore school allows a safe and comfortable environment where professionals are able to discuss these things with students. Many parents do not have the proper education to give good advice to their children especially in low social economic status areas.

    Those children who are fortunate enough to have parents who have significant knowledge and can talk to their children about sex should not have a problem with condoms being given out in school. Most of the people disagreeing on here say that their children should talk to you about sex, however if they do then giving them a condom will have no effect on their choices of having sex/safe sex causing no real issue. On the other hand if your child chooses not to talk to you, at least they have gained knowledge and have protection in case they do choose to have sex. If you had a problem with your child bringing home a condom, what message are you sending your child?

    Before anything, it is not solely up to the male to be responsible for providing the protection. It is up to both the male and the female to make sure protection is worn. Therefore knowledge and protection should be given to both genders.

    If children want to act like adults then they should take adult responsibility. Easy enough to say, unfortunately does not happen. In an ideal world we wouldn’t have this issue. With sex still a taboo subject in many homes and schools, lots of students do not receive sex education until they are in their later years of schooling. How are these students able to make adult informed decision when they have little knowledge on the subject? We cannot expect them to be adults, they are children. Children are more likely to make mistakes and make poor decisions, how can we punish them by not providing them with the proper support and knowledge they need and if this means giving them condoms then that is something we need to do.

  • It's better than nothing.

    In my opinion condom distribution does not promote sex in high school, they just want their kids to be safe, and that's how others should perceive distributing condoms as well. With there being lower class income families in the U.S. kids are not able to have the proper birth control that they need. While in turn this sometimes leads to teen pregnancy or STIs. I would rather see high schools distribute them then completely ignore the fact that some teenagers do have sex at all. With distributing condoms in high school it gives everyone a fair chance as to use them or not. Then it gets rid of any socioeconomic stereotypes that we have in out culture. If it prevents teen pregnancy rates and STI rates to go down, then quite honestly I'm all for it because it is the best for the kids future.

  • Say yes to condom

    I think they should definitely give out condom to high school students. Nowadays, the pregnancy rates become higher in high school, to prevent such thing, they should give them condoms to the students so they can protect themselves. Not everyone can go to a drug store and buy condoms without feeling embarrassed or shy. If someone didn't wanted to have sex at first, not the availability of condom will make them have sex. If they wanted to have sex they will have it whether they have it or not. Condom prevents studs and pregnancy. I wouldn't be happy to see one of my friend getting pregnant at a young age or catching STD because of not protecting themselves.

  • Yes they should.

    I am a teenager myself, and I think it would help tremendously if condoms were given out at schools. There are so many teenage pregnancies, and I know a good handful of students who have/had an std. I understand that they put themselves into the situation, but teenagers are going to be teenagers. Were going to have sex if we want to. Condoms being available would probably prevent a lot of pregnancies and the spread of std's.

  • It makes sense

    Because kids will have sex. Period. Not all of them, no. But enough. Now, if they cant get birth control, and cant afford condoms, but still want to be in a sexual relationship, why would you want them to reproduce, to have another child on the system for our tax dollars to pay for?

  • Uh... Free condoms

    Not every teenager is going to have sex. Not every teenager is going to remain abstinent. Whether or not they do is not going to be affected by condoms being available. Because, hey. There are already places that give out free condoms, and even in the face of this, some teenagers have actually made their own decision to not have sex. And stick by said decision. And obviously, if the lack of condom availability stopped teenagers from having sex, there would be a lot less stds and teen pregnancies going around. And is there something wrong with sex? No, so long as there is some form of birth control and maturity about it going on. So, if condoms are provided, it increases the likelihood of making smart decisions and not ruining their lives for those who are/ will have sex anyways.

  • Better Safe than Sorry

    ...Those kids that are going to have sex will do so whether condoms are available at school or not. This at least gives them the option to be safe. I don't see how the availability will encourage sex. Those who plan on abstaining will still do so. The kids who do get condoms from school may not have other options, may be too embarrassed, not have the money to buy them. I'd feel better knowing my child had the option. Who wants a pregnant teenager?A teen with STD's can infect others unknowingly even. STD's can also have permanent life long effects.

  • Safety. Prevention. Options.

    It gives you the opportunity to be safe. Teenagers are tempted, pressured, or willing to have sex. The least that schools can do is provide utilities to help lower teen pregnancy and STD rates. It does not promote sex, people who are not "ready" or do not wish to have sex do not have to participate in such activities. It is simply promoting SAFE sex. For those who already do this, this only gives them the extra chance of protecting themselves.

  • Prevention of STDs

    I think that having condoms available in schools would help enormously. Studies have shown that 1 in 4 high school students contracts an STD each year and having free condoms available to use would help. Some kids cannot afford to buy them and they may not have access to them at home either.

  • Stop encouraging risky behavior

    It's encouraging risky behavior. Why would you need to pass out condoms when the students should provide their own protection if they're going to be involved in such risky behavior? Condoms aren't 100% safe. When you have condoms available for students, of course they're going to be tempted to use them because they're just handed to them saying that sex is basically okay at their age, which it shouldn't be. Schools are trying to "prevent teen pregnancy", but listen, teens are always going to be getting pregnant anyways. There's really nothing you can do about it. Even with a condom, you can still get pregnant and/or transfer diseases if it breaks. There's not guarantee. Plus, a teenager that gets pregnant deserves to be pregnant because they put their self in that situation. That's THEIR responsibly. A lot of teenagers are having sex, so when you pass out condoms, they're going to be having even more sex, and those who have never done it before will end up doing it. If anything, it's making teen pregnancy rates even higher because more teenagers are doing it. The only reason why most people on here are saying that schools should hand out condoms is because they just want to get laid. Grow up. You have all the time in your life to get laid. Keep it in your pants.

  • Never agreeing with this

    It's basically like saying, "It's okay to have sex, son. Here, have a condom so you don't get your girl pregnant." Yes, kids WILL have sex whether you give them condoms or not. This is only supporting irresponsibility, a disgrace to society. Kids in high school are still underage. Most of them aren't in their right minds yet to fully judge what is wrong or right.

  • Saying it Okay?

    I believe that one should wait until marriage to have sexual activity. I was one that went through out high school trying to get peer pressured to do things. It's not impossible to over come these things. Sex should not be promoted to high school students, because later on they are going to teach the younger generation.

  • Makin' it easy for them "to do it"

    I am a mother to two sons aged seven and almost three, and a daughter, who recently turned four. When she does in fact begin to become sexually active, I'd want her to come, FREELY, to me, as me being " her mother " for advice and resources, AS THE ONLY OPTION for her and not " her high school " having been made to her as a freely and available not to mention reliable resource for sexual advice and given condoms, freely.

  • Saying it's ok ?

    Distribution of condoms in schools could never be a good or OK thing. I am also a teen, and hearing persons saying it OK to distribute condom in school are kinda degrading in a way. You are literally telling students like myself that its OK to put my body through physical and mental trauma. In handing a student a condoms you are literally giving them the OK to have sex on the school compound, in-front of staff members and teacher. You are giving them the OK or that extra push saying it's OK, to use and abuse your body and give themselves to any ole body who whispers in there ear. Sex is something sacred, you become attached to the person/persons you have sex with and it's not easy letting go. Do high school students really want to be emotionally attached to anyone? Distributing condoms are giving leeway to have emotional and metal breakdowns. This is not a very appealing to me; so i believe there should be complete abstinence. Sex isn't going anywhere, the only thing that should be on teens minds are there school work. STOP SAYING IT'S OK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Students should not be given condoms.

    Giving out condoms free at school is basically encouraging high schoolers to go have sex. Basically, this means they can get away with it without having to worry about pregnancy or buying condoms, because the school is wasting money to give the condoms out for free. Of course, when asked, most kids at larger high schools were all for this “great” idea. They said and I quote (Ill leave names anonomous as not to infringe on their privacy) “I think free condoms are a good idea, kids won’t get STD’s as easily” and “If you use condoms, you don’t have to worry about who you have sex with” and “There won’t be as many pregnancies”. This is somewhat true, but if a student isn’t handed a condom, you have to think, did the fact that they now had a free condom change their plans for the day? What if the student was broke and was just going to go home, but now has free protection? Keep that in mind when thinking about your choice on this matter. The worst part is, they give them the condoms, and the parents aren’t told about this, and are absolutely not allowed to take the condoms from the student. The school should not have the right to tell the parents what they can and can’t do with their child.

  • High School

    No, I personally do not think that condoms should be available to kids who are in high school. To me this would be promoting having sex even when they are too young. If they want to make adult decisions, they should act like adults and buy the protection necessary just like an adult.

  • This is ridiculous that we are to the point where this is up for debate

    The ridiculous thing about this whole thing is that as kids, did we have to get condoms all the time? No, because we knew how to behave properly and such things were not problems like we are today. The fact is, if people have to buy condoms, they are less likely to bother with it than if they were to have to buy them. Maybe they weren't going to do anything at all, but hey, if they are getting handed a condom, then why not?

  • It Affects Everybody

    Stop it before people keep on having sex because they will abuse this power that they can get condoms without their parent's consent and therefore, they would keep having sex. How can they be trusted that they can use a condom while having sex? Do parent's know what's going on?

  • Condoms at school

    When kids are offered condoms its not like they'll just pack it away forever and not be anxious to ever use them. This will encourage the students to have premarital sex. They have the first thing now all that remains is the opposite sex. This will also add to peer pressure. No need to worry, you have a condom so you won't have a kid. Condoms are basically the slogans for sex in these cases

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Beautypearl says2015-02-15T23:15:50.303
Yes. Condoms should be available in schools l s. What right do we have telling teens what to do with their bodies?
Beautypearl says2015-02-15T23:21:36.387
What I mean is , I believe in abstinence plus programs.
Beautypearl says2015-02-16T03:04:25.653
Never mind.