Should Confederate History Mouth be celebrated in States that want to celebrate it?

Asked by: bettabreeder
  • People died for Dixie!!

    In the states that already celebrate it have a bunch of people that fought and died for their land they love. We celebrate holidays like Memorial Day but that day if for US soldiers not Confederate troops that died. Having a month to celebrate our Southern history can teach kids the truth about the War Between the States and the South itself

  • Freedom of expression.

    Let me begin by saying that I, as well as most of the country, detest the beliefs and practices which the confederacy stood for and continues to represent today. However, even unpopular beliefs must not be repressed, provided they do no harm to others. How can we call ourselves a free nation if the majority can silence expressive practices of a small minority?

  • Self determination and Rights of the People

    The South seceded because the Democratic Party lost the 1860 Presidential Election. Lincoln and the minority party, the GOP, won after the Dems split their votes because they could not agree on a single candidate.

    Slavery? That was an American value, practiced in every single one of the original 13 Colonies. It was phased out in the North, but restored by the Dred Scott decision (Supreme Court order) and the Fugitive Slave Act. Under US law (not Confederate law) slavery existed for more than 80 years before the war started.

    BOTH nations, USA and CSA, were founded with slavery as part of their economic reality. Given time, slavery would have been abandoned and abolished, war or no war.

    The war was started by the North over political control of the States by DC, not over any mythological desire by the federal government to "eliminate slavery." Had that been the truth, less than 10,000 volunteers would have reported to DC. New Yorkers, Hoosiers, Michiganders and Pennsylvanians would have refused for fight if they were told they needed to die to "free slaves."

    In that era, as today, whites "up North" were more racist against blacks than whites in the South.

  • The Question is Flawed.

    It implies that the States would have to seek permission to celebrate Confederate History Month. The necessity for it can be seen in the replies on the "NO" side. We must get the honest and true history of the WBTS out in the open as it is clear that people are operating with nothing but the crudest one-sided public education level of information. The WBTS was not fought over slavery, although it was a hot button issue. The southern states started to Secede over unfair tariffs, much like when the 13 colonies decided to secede from G.B. Over unfair taxes. But we can't talk about that in public schools because it screws with the narrative.

  • The question is flawed.

    The question implies that the state would have to ask for permission from a Higher authority to celebrate Confederate History Month. Slavery, while a hot button issue, was not the cause of the war between the states. The root cause was tariffs, and the first shots were caused by Lincoln violating an agreement to not re-supply forts in Southern states by attempting to smuggle in supplies and men to Ft. Sumter on the civilian ship Star of the West.

  • Its part of our Regions history

    We have so many months donated to different histories. The Confederacy is part of our regions history, Its the heritage that we carry. Just because we ignore it doesn't mean the Confederate states of America didn't exist. Whether you believe the war was about slavery or the states rights doesn't matter. You can argue that Holocaust history month can promote hatred of Jews, or Germans even, but its still History. Burying your head in the sand and spreading untruths wont change that.

  • No Reason To Debate

    Nobody was rebelling against anybody. The south wanted to separate. History proved they were right. Look at what our nation has become. If a state or local community wants to celebrate something why not give them the freedom to do so. We are a free nation aren't we? I guess we are not in some people's mind.

  • The Confederacy Fought for the Constitution

    The War Between the States was the result of the Confederacy's effort to peacefully leave the union. Lincoln perverted the Constitution and caused 800,000 deaths in America. Of course, a noble cause, which to this day, struggles for life, should be celebrated and honored.

    Only the ignorant or the uneducated do not understand this.

  • Northern HYPOCRISY will not be left unchallenged

    Yankees may have won the war, but they cannot be allowed to omit the truth. First, the Constitutionally illegal War of Northern Aggression was for federal monetary greed; not to end the institution of slavery which was legal and protected by law in the United States. Second, the Confederate States of America was formed prior to Dishonest Abe becoming President. The Southern States that seceeded under Buchannan's presidency were let go peaceably to form their own nation. The rest of the States that seceeded during Lincoln's term were forced out by a tyrannical government. Furthermore, the beloved Confederate Battle Flag represents all the Soldiers who fought for the South; Blacks, Indians, Orientals, Whites, Jews and Gentiles. If it is to be banned because it is misrepresented and used for hatred by a few, then so should the US Flag and Holy Bible be banned as well. We as a people should learn the TRUTH about the scourge of slavery too. It was not simply a White over Black rascist oppression. Slavery has existed worldwide and at one time was Blacks enslaving Whites. During the 1800s in America, it was a socioeconomic way of life. There were also FREE BLACKS who owned BLACK SLAVES!!! Only the ignorant refuse to learn and speak the truth. The truth is that the Confederate Battle Flag is a soldiers flag and should NEVER be banned!!!

  • Sick and Tired

    I am so tired of everyone else being given the right to celebrate their heritage all while being told that mine is not worth celebrating. Every immigrant group has a parade and a day / month to celebrate their ancestors.
    There would not be a memorial day if not for the ladies who began honoring the soldiers that fought in the Civil War, Confederate and Union alike. Equality is a two way street.

  • Confederate Ideas Are Not American Ideas

    People try to defend the Confederacy by saying they were rebelling against the United States because their rights, ideas, and ways of life were being trampled. Let's not forget what they were trying to defend: slavery. It is completely disrespectful to praise slavery in any way. To say the Confederacy stand for anything other than slavery is a load of crap. America was founded on the idea that all men are created equal. Granted, at the time that was said, America was no where near racial equality. At least America was not founded on the idea of slavery, like the Conferacy was.

  • This would celebrate slavery, secession, and treason.

    Though states can make their own holidays, Confederate History month should not be celebrated because confederates stood for unpatriotic ideas. It is immoral for any government to support a war caused by confederate states betraying the USA after slavery was not expanded into western states and Abraham Lincoln was elected.

  • Celebrate armed rebellion against the United States?

    Why not? In fact, let them secede again only this time we down there, pave the south and make it into a third-world country. Wouldn't make up for the North's failure to win the fight for political, economic and social justice after the first war but it'd be a start.

  • Only if you think Germany should celebrate Nazi History Month

    Confederates fought for the right to enslave Americans. I am a Texan, born and raised, and I am very proud of my state. However, I am proud of the Texas that I lived in, from 1992 to 2010. I am ashamed of my state's historical participation in slavery and secession from the United States of America. Southerners have every right to be proud of our states today. But we shouldn't kid ourselves about the Civil War. The South was wrong in basing its economy around exploiting slave labor, and it was wrong to commit treason by seceding from the country it had sworn allegiance to.
    If you are a patriotic American and if you believe that all Americans should have the same constitutional rights, then you cannot celebrate the evil that was the CSA.

  • Freedom of speech only allows individuals to speak freely.

    An individual can celebrate whatever they want. A state, however, cannot endorse something like the Confederacy. The Confederacy represents slavery, de-unionization, bigotry, etc. It would be ridiculous for the country or any of the states to celebrate the Confederacy, and they do not necessarily have freedom of speech (for instance, a state cannot endorse a religion), so it is right for us to ban official celebration of the Confederacy.

  • It shouldn't be celebrated, but people can celebrate what ever they want.

    Don't get me wrong, if a state wants to celebrate a Month to their history they have the total right to and can do so complexly. But should they? No. The idea of a month celebrating our past further divides us then unites us. We have multiple months celebrating some culture in our nation but as we focus more and more on this we ignore the fact we are all one U.S.

    So yes, they have to right to and they can celebrate their history, and our history must be taught. But we can not let our history divide us or act as a tool of violence in our nation either.

  • Lacks Moral foresight.

    While I fully agree with freedom of speech, and equality of people's
    beliefs, the idea of supporting Confederate History Month is unthinkable.
    The confederate states declared secession due to many issues, the main and most well-known was due to the legality and expansion of slavery. Because of this if we dedicated an entire month to remembering it; we would also be placing it into a positive light and supporting the issues the South fought for. This would be akin to celebrating Nazi History Month and would weaken current civil rights that we have fought so hard to have. I think a good compromise would be a Civil War Remembrance month where all states remember the brave Americans that fought on both sides, in a bloody and unnecessary war that fragmented families and to have us reflect on how to prevent war of any kind in the future.

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SweetTea says2014-03-17T16:32:19.737
I'm over 50 years old & I've lived about three-fourths of my life in the South or Deep South. This is the first I've heard of "Confederate History Mouth"! And I've never heard of "Confederate History Month", either!
Hematite12 says2014-03-17T21:00:25.923
Lol I can't believe people are actually denying that slavery existed or that it was bad.

Better join the psychotic Holocaust deniers, while you're at it. Disgraceful, it really is. Get back to reality.
SweetTea says2014-03-18T10:03:58.823
Hematite12 ... I'm not denying that slavery existed. In fact, it existed in the North till about 20 years before the Civil War (if that long). I'm just saying that I've never heard of Confederate History Month!
Juan_Pablo says2014-03-18T11:57:09.377
If people want to honor the lives lost among the Confederates during the Civil Wars, I think that would be appropriate. If people want to honor want the Confederates stood for, particularly with regards to slavery, I think that's out of the question. We all have to move out of that kind of thinking, that somehow slavery was justified. It never was. It simply will never be! Let's remember the dead but move on personally with our lives . . . Into the 21st century, white, black, yellow, red and brown.