Should congestion charges be placed on all Scottish cities?

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  • I don't think that congestion charges should be placed

    I can understand that having a large population in a condensed area can cause some potential issues. However I don't think it would really be necessary to try to apply these taxes to try to remedy the problem. I think that with some effort and planning it could be resolved through alternative means.

  • Congestion Taxes Harm Low Income Drivers

    Congestion charges land on all drivers, those who drive a new Tesla and those
    in an old rattletrap. So such charges are a regressive tax, which takes a larger
    percentage of the income of the poor than of the rich. The idea of reducing
    congestion is an excellent one, but this is an unfair way to achieve that goal.
    Instead, why not dedicate public funds collected in a more equitable way to
    improving public transit and building better bypass roads? Such
    improvements would decrease congestion without harming those who can least
    afford it.

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