• I could support it.

    Labor is good although what makes us prosperous is the capital and technology that make labor more productive. Most of the gains from the industrial revolution went to labor...Now the lowest rung of American workers can enjoy what would have been luxuries for the wealthy a few generations ago. The average worker is arguably spending more money funding the government than on housing, food, and clothing.

  • Abolish it now

    Labor day has become nothing more than a drunken holiday like all the other. Last night I was walking my beagle and waved to the local cop as she turned left at the light. It turned red, and this is not a joke. Four windows rolled down, and arms came out dumping beer. There are illegal fireworks going off, and no one is being arrested as they should be, and locked away for endangering others. Only drunks elebrate it, and that is proven across the country. If you want to be a commie worker, hen move there. Labor day will never be recognized by us in any way. But then, only the lower intelligence people do celebrate it, because only they are the ones spending their days in filth and dirt because they were too lazy to study. People like that do not deserve a holiday, period. What about a holiday celebrating the great achievers in the sciences? That would probably be beyond most of the US population today though. No type of manual laborer deserves a holiday. That is why they are manual laborers. They should be working every day, or be fired to begin with.

  • Labor Day is a communistic plot to begin revolution in America.

    Labor Day was created during the 1800s to please Communist - Unionist - Jews who only threatened to overthrow the CHRIST OF UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT! They wanted to eliminate moral values from American worker vocabularies!

    It's time to abolish Labor Day and create a 24 hour 7 day a week work day! People who say otherwise should be murdered LIKE JEWS! LONG LIVE DONALD TRUMP DEATH TO LIBERALS!

  • The workers of the world must unite and celebrate our achievements!

    Greetings from Britain to my comrades in America on Labor Day. Your fine country was built by the sweat of the working man’s brow and it is only right and proper that this should be recognised with a national holiday. This is a day to remember not to let the bosses grind us down or set us against each other - united we stand, divided we fall.

  • Should keep Labor Day

    We should keep Labor Day because it is a holiday that honors the working people. The average Americans are work over times and sometimes they are underpaid. Most of them work for five days per week and about 10 hours per day. Labor Day was like a gift for all the working people for working hard, so the Congress should think about it.

  • Keep Labor Day

    If you abolish Labor Day you will abolish a holiday to honor workers. Also, the workers are the backbone to the economy. Without the workers there will unlikely be any "wealthy people" around. Without workers there would literally be no machines, airplanes and life would be miserable. Please, keep this holiday just to honor the workers. The workers really would appreciate it.

  • No for crying

    OUT LOUD!!
    This is every workers right!
    Every single person in the world working hard deserves this.
    This is a basic human right.
    NO ONE SHOULD REMOVE IT, not the congress or the senate or the president. NO ONE.
    Everybody deserves this especially the middle class workers and poor ones.

  • Keep Labor day

    Our problems in the workplace may not be the same as the problems in the 1800s but we still have plenty of problems. Instability, CEO pay in comparison to average worker, age discrimination, corruption, outsourcing, bullying to name just a few. Workers are at a disadvantage in this economy and all means possible to highlight issues.

  • I can see both sides, but no.

    As Labor Day was instituted during the Labor Movement of the late 1800s, I can see how some might think it is an outdated and useless holiday. These people typically argue that American workers no longer need protection from the pitfalls of industrialization that plagued them in the 1800s. I can somewhat agree, but I also believe that the average American is overworked and underpaid. Most of us already work 5 days a week for 8-12 hours a day... One day off work to thank us for our "labor" isn't a bad idea. Moreover, I think there are bigger and better things for Congress to handle right now.

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