• Yes, Congress should act on immigration reform

    While strengthening border security should definitely be a part of immigration reform, it's about time Congress created a path for illegal immigrants to become U.S. citizens, while accepting some of the responsibility for their infringements. In theory, the number of illegal immigrants crossing the United States-Mexico border should be reduced. It is reported that they at a record low. However, in order for these immigrants to become legal, they must apply for their green cards, pay taxes that they owe, learn English and U.S. civics, register for the Selective Service, and pay other outstanding fees and penalties. This is a good start. If these immigrants' native country is Mexico, by becoming legal U.S. citizens with a normalized citizenship status, they will be earning higher wages, and sending more money home to Mexico. According to past studies, immigrants wages would increase by twenty-percent. It has been reported that while the U.S. economy struggles, Mexico's economy is getting better. What's good for the U.S. immigrants, is good for the U.S.

  • The Government Needs To Be Strong

    The Congress needs to act on immigration reform. The United States government needs to be clear about its goals and aims when it comes to stopping illegal immigration. If the federal government had a clear voice on this issue, we may not run into situations like the one that occurred in Arizona, where the state made its own law regarding illegal immigration.

  • Yes, and make it more strict

    While Congress fails to be able to negotiate any immigration reform, many illegal immigrants are coming across the border and causing harm to legal American citizens. Illegal immigrants contribute to about half of violent crimes in our country, and they only comprise a small percentage of the population. Therefore, Congress needs to act to protect the American people.

  • Yes, We Need Immigration Reform

    There is a real problem with immigration in this country. What we need is to start punishing the corporations who use their money and status to skirt the law. Once we make it not worth it for them to hire illegal workers, they will hire legal workers. As far as immigrants go, we need to support policies that will encourage skilled immigrants to come here. They help drive our economy forward and will be an asset to our country.

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