Should Congress and the President be of the same party?

Asked by: Cagarustus
  • Divided government in the United States is paralysing and unhealthy for democracy.

    When the Framers drafted the Constitution and established the 'separation of powers' system, They didn't anticipate or account for political parties. As a result, The system doesn't work as intended. Hyperpartisanship has taken over and has created government that is impotent and incompetent.

    By having the Congress and the President of the same party, Divided government in the United States can be eliminated and allow the President to implement his/her agenda that he/she was elected to do by the people.

  • That is the reason why they made the constitution

    England was ruled by a Tyrant and all of ruling class was of one party. The founders of the constitution did not want some evil person coming into power like a emperor.
    So they decided to divide the power into 3 branches of governments that would have checks and balances. If one branch tried to do so something crazy the other one could block it. And they did their best to try and make it a democracy.
    True there are 2 major parties but the whole point of the constitution was to work together and compromise with people with different ideas. And there might be 2 major parties but they do not agree with everything. Some are Libertarian or moderate and some belong to the green party. You can even create your own political group if you wanted.
    The only reason why this is happening is because some man child is crying that things are not going his way. That is life you sometimes can't have it your way. You cannot launch a nuke into a hurricane because most people do not want that.
    Constitution defenders do not even understand that being president mean you still can't do whatever you want. They still have rules to follow.

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