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  • Congress needs to reduce their own pay checks

    If congress wants to continue to take away from the poor and give to the rich, then they need to cut their own pay checks. They need to at least lead by example, because I am not buying all this crap that poor people are bringing down the country. Our incompetent leaders, who only care about money is what is bringing down the country.

  • What happens to social security for all generations after the baby boomers?

    The large amount of baby boomers collecting on their social security has put a significant drain on the social security system. However, that doesn't mean that those that have paid into it shouldn't be entitled to the same security. The system may not be running efficiently but the answer is not reducing the funding. The system needs to be fixed so that all generations can benefit from their contributions.

  • No, Congress should not reduce funding for Social Security.

    People who are currently receiving Social Security absolutely should not have their funds reduced. They paid into a program set up by the government for all the years that they were employed during their lives, and the agreements made under that program need to hold for them, otherwise it amounts to a form of an entrapment. It was an agreement, the people fulfilled their part of the agreement, and so the agreement has to stand. For the government to reduce funding legitimately they would have to begin with newly employed people and institute a new agreement with them going into it from the start. If the funds are going to be reduced, then so should the contributions to that fund made by the participants be reduced. As far as I have heard, Social Security is fully funded for years to come by the people who have already paid into it.

  • No, Congress should not consider reducing funding for Social Security.

    I do not believe that Congress should consider reducing funding for Social Security. I think that Social Security is something that Congress continues to support because it is beneficial for Americans. I think that it is something that all American should continue to believe and do everything to keep it going.

  • Reducing funding for social security is unthinkable

    Congress should not consider reducing funding for social security. There are simply too many people who depend on social security. Social security is responsible in many ways for the stability that we enjoy in America. It is certainly true that the budget is bloated, but there are other others which would be more suited for downsizing. I'm thinking of are bloated cold war ere defense budget.

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