• Congress needs to cut pensions now

    Yes Congress should cut pensions. How else are we, as a nation supposed, to get out of this debt crisis? We are already over-extended financially as it is because of our promises that we cannot keep. This burden is only going to get worse as the baby boomers continue to cash in on social security and pensions.

  • Yes, Congress should cut pensions.

    Congress should cut pensions because it is the responsible thing to do. The cuts are aimed at already troubled pension plans. There are doubts that the pensions targeted for cuts will be available to fund pensioners at the time of their retirement. The real travesty would occur if pensioners were expecting a pension upon retirement and didn't have one. For this reason Congress is correct to cut the troubled pensions.

  • No, Congress should not cut pensions.

    In the future, it is very clear that government jobs won't offer the kind of pensions that they did in the past. However, the commitments they have already made to those who are soon to retire, must be honored. We spend tons of money on war and $81 million for two CIA contractors. We can afford to take care of workers.

  • Targeting the Common Person is Not the Answer

    As can easily be seen, the move to reduce federal pensions and perhaps for the elderly as well while the rich get richer is simply unacceptable in an ethical society. How about reducing the enormous bonuses and "golden parachutes" given to senior management and to banks first? Heaven forbid . . .

    If the government would use money put into Social Security and other programs as intended instead of raiding those funds for other things, would we really be in this mess?

  • It is unacceptable to impoverise the elderly further.

    Many elderly people in America are already living on fixed incomes and struggling to heat their homes and put food on the table. As the cost of living rises year on year, it would be morally unjustified to expect the most vulnerable in society to continue to shoulder the greatest burden.

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