Should Congress extend federal unemployment benefits?

  • Yes, congress should pass the federal unemployment extension.

    Working professional age 60 out of job for a year living off of meager savings not old enough to retire. Many people ignored the message of the Occupy movement whose main goal was to be the canary in the coal mine. Now it will take a major revolution or war to reverse the take over - no more "We the People". You can start by defining who we are up against. Start here->

  • Extend unemployment benefits

    I look for work every day , still very hard to even get an interview not to mention to land a job
    Th economy is still not where it should be to cut off federal unemployment benefits, people still need help so they don't lose their houses and are able to put food on the table for their famlies

  • YES, this needs an extension.

    My benefits are due to run out in a couple of weeks. I was even working part-time until I found full-time work (World Class Shopper program for Safeway) but Safeway shut the program down without notice and now I don't even have that to fall back on. I need help!

  • Help is needed

    I've worked all my life and paid unemployment. At 60 years old, I find myself needing the benefit shortly, and it may be taken away. I've searched for jobs every day. I've been on interviews and don't seem to land the job. After all, who wants to hire a highly paid 60 year old. Businesses are looking for much younger workers these days.

  • Congress has to extend unemployment benefits

    There is a crisis in America today, one of suffering workers who can't find a job. They need these benefits to sustain themselves while they vigorously search for work. It would be unfair to deprive them of a little assistance, this is the 21st century. They will find a job eventually, once the economy improves.

  • Yes, Congress should extend federal unemployment benefits.

    Congress should extend federal unemployment benefits given the current state of the economy. With so many people currently unable to find a job, it would leave individuals and families lives in disarray if there were no means of income at all. I believe they should monitor the unemployment rate and perhaps when it falls below a certain percentage, Congress should start cutting back on unemployment benefits.

  • Congress should extend unemployment benefits

    Yes, the Congress should extend federal unemployment benefits. Congress hasn't allowed federal unemployment insurance to expire while the national unemployment rate is above 7.2 percent since the 1950s, but lawmakers on Capitol Hill have not hinted at any plans to preserve the benefits -- and the tone of the national political discussion has been increasingly hostile to government safety net programs. The unemployment rate, which is calculated separately, dropped from 8.3 percent to 8.1 percent. The decrease came primarily because the size of the workforce is declining as discouraged workers stop looking for jobs and others retire -- in many cases earlier than they originally had planned.

  • Economic Crisis

    In this time of severe economic crisis, the federal government should do everything in its power to maintain the middle class, and this means extending unemployment benefits. They should be policed, of course, heavily monitored, and affected by part-time side work, but should not be eliminated or shortened, as this would mean foreclosures, which would spiral into yet another depression.

  • No, it would be harmful

    The requirement for a strong economy and government is a powerful middle class. Higher socio economic classes tend to have a better background in terms of education and skills. Most middle class have not had to resort to unemployment. The working class only needs to be large enough to support the ventures of higher socio economic classes. Because unemployed people failed to educate themselves they are now forcing others to provide them with money. Job opening were at an all time higher in march 2013. It is projected that if everyone on Unemployment fulfilled one of these jobs unemployment would only be at 4.6 percent. Our Gdp can't rise or are economy strengthen when there are parasites feeding on the very money it needs to do so.

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