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  • Why should they?

    What have they done to warrant a pay increase? They are already exempt from our crappy healthcare that they created. I think if congress was paid less, we would get representatives more in line with what would make our country great again. It should be a volunteer position, or at least one that didn't place you in the special interest firing line.

  • Congress should be paid the average of their current pay and the median family income of their area.

    In this manner, the only way for congress to get a pay raise is to increase the economy of the area they represent. This is after all the job that congress was given that made America a super power "The business of America is business" a great man once said. Anticipating the replies of the "modern" entitlement generation who will say "But what about the Unicorns? What about the Rainbows?'", I reply that there are many groups out there who will harm first you, then your unicorns. So you had better toughen up and do it fast. The clock is ticking and it ticks for thee.

  • NO! They should be giving some of it back.

    Please, I could see them asking if they were actually doing something for us but all they seem to be doing is NOTHING. So please put all your fighting against each other to the side and come up with something that will put this nation back on track again. Until then no more raises!

  • Why should they?

    Congress already has plenty of money which includes the money they get from being on Congress. Most of them are already rich and could live the rest of their lives doing nothing. Congress does not do anything anyways so what is the point of paying someone more money for just sitting on their butts and talking to each other about life. If Congress wanted a shot in getting a pay raise they should stat working and actually making a different in the world. We do still have a enough people in Congress to vote to not have their pay raised, but even still the 27th Amendment is the law of the land so there is already no need for a vote or even a thought of Congress getting a pay raise.

  • Why should they?

    They already get paid a lot so they definitely shouldn't get a pay raise. They should even get a term amount limit so the same people don't get elected in constantly. What they should do is get less pay so that they can actually understand the pleas of the people better that way we can make America great again.

  • If anything, they should have it slashed

    Most of them are already rich with multiple residences. When they "retire," they collect huge pensions and continue to make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars as corporate board members, lobbyists, political experts, news commentators, and public speakers. I think Congress' pay should be tied to the median income of the middle class or some other economic indicator. They should also not get paid if they force a shutdown.

  • Why should they?

    Golfing trips, while somewhat common, are not an absolute necessity for politicians. They all get plenty of money, and with our economic state, giving politicians a pay raise is out of the question. The money needs to be put somewhere else. I still haven't written fifty words, so I have to end here.

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