Should Congress have let the Violence Against Women Act expire?

  • Sadly, yes.

    This country is founded upon a certain process that has worked for centuries. I will not say that one issue is greater than another, because I am not the most qualified to make that judgement. All things are done in a systematic fashion for fairness, and necessity. Forcing the current issues under the rug for the sake of another is not a favorable solution. We need a more responsible Congress to get the job done.

  • Absolutely Not!

    No, Congress should not have let the Violence Against Women Act expire. In fact, it's shameful that they did. American women are raped every day. Though other countries deal with much harsher realities in this regard, it's incumbent on a government to protect its citizens-ALL citizens. And for all of American's boastfulness (not to mention constitutionally mandated guarantees), women's well being in this country should not have been treated like so much business that can be set upon the shelf for another day.

  • Though it already has.

    This is really a moot point, as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has already expired, though here is why it shouldn't have.

    Women are the fairer sex, it might sound cliche, but by and large women are smaller then men. It is because of this that there should be laws in place that makes it a greater crime to attack them.

    To paraphrase Donald Glover, 'Know why crazy ex-girlfriend stories are so entertaining while crazy ex-boyfriend stories aren't very popular. Hint: crazy ex-boyfriend stories usually end with someone dying.'

  • No.

    Hey, go figure, something doesn't get done because of gridlock in congress. Same script as always. It's deplorable that this happened but there's no reason to be surprised by it, those in power to get things done in Washington rarely if ever do, and when they do it's in last minute, unimpressive fashion.

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