Should Congress have passed the Defense Authorization Act?

  • Yes, Congress must provide for this country's defense!

    Yes, Congress should have passed the National Defense Act in 2012, as well as in all other fiscal years. One of the very few things that the federal government is actually charged with in the Constitution is the defense of this country. Without proper funding, our troops are not cared for, our countries defensive resources are limited, and our weaponry is outdated.

  • Yes, defense should be the first prioirty

    Its ridiculous to think that defense is not one of the first priorities of our congress, but it is true. For those who do not know the specifics it might be hard to understand what is happening but as long as the people who are in power understand what this entails, there is no reason it should not be.

  • I think Congress should have.

    Congress represents the United Sates people and have to make the best decisions in a short amount of time. Although not every bill or legislation that is passed is perfect, they need to be passed nonetheless. The amount seems absurd at first, especially to those unfamiliar with the specifics, but it is necessary to ensure the safety of not only the citizens, but our soldiers who protect them as well.

  • Not the 2012 version certainly

    First of all, the NDAA is an annual bill passed every year. The 2012 version is the one that has been getting the attention. It authorized the indefinite detention of american citizens who had even the slightest suspicion that they might possibly know someone who is a terrorist. That is reminiscent of FDR and is especially disturbing considering who Obama's DHS considers potential terrorists. I probably would have opposed previous versions as well because they probably had a ton of waste but the 2012 and also to an extent the 2013 version have this additional threat to our liberties.

  • No, it is Unconstitutional

    The DAA is an unconstitutional action by Congress, and the current President and administration should be ashamed of themselves for even considering the act, let alone signing it. It does increase defense, but at the cost of our privacy and liberties. You must never compromise protection for liberty, else you will end up with neither.

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