• Yes, they should.

    Yes, of course congress should implement the Clear Skies initiative. It's good for the environment, and our environment is really suffering as proved by scientists across the world. The entire world needs to adapt policies like this, if we expect any longevity on earth and for things to be good.

  • Preserve Our World

    There are too many environmental fronts being assaulted on the global scale. If there can be an option to reduce air pollution it must be taken. The amount of waste and industrial garbage that is now in the ecosystem because of us is devastating, and as a species we need to work on reversing that.

  • Yes, I think Congress should implement the Clear Skies Initative.

    Reducing pollutants in the air and having a path forward to eliminating carbon emission producers can only lead to a better society, the time has long come and gone for industries to be able to pollute the air to dangerous levels, in a modern society we need to move towards more green technology.

  • yes they should

    Yes, I think that it would be a real good thing to put this plan into effect, so that we can start doing a whole lot of good for the world and so that we can make sure that we are not hurting the US as much as we are.

  • Carbon Tax Better

    I do not believe Congress should implement the Clear Skies Initiative which introduced the use of cap-and-trade emissions. I believe this proposal offers up a plethora of loop holes for manufacturers and those that harm the environment through emissions. I believe the carbon tax is a better option in this matter.

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