Should Congress increase U.S. gas taxes since the price of oil is slipping?

  • Now is the time to increase gas taxes

    We are used to paying $3 and higher for a gallon of gas. We could increase taxes on gas now without hurting our pocketbooks in order to raise additional funds for schools and possibly for the domestic oil workers who may find themselves out of work now that Saudi Arabia will not be cutting back production

  • The money for the tranportation trust fund has to come from somewhere

    Now is the time for the gas tax to be hiked up when it will impact the consumer the least. It is no secret that the trust funds that provide money to service our roads and bridges has run dry and this country has a crumbling infrastructure that is in desperate need of help.

  • Eliminate Federal Gas Tax

    The federal government should not have any control over road infrastructure projects. This federal slush fund of pork projects should be ended not increased. Each state is fully capable of building and maintaining roads. Then each gas retailer should price gasoline without tax being included to show everyone how high gas taxes are.

  • No they shouldn't

    I think that they should promote using it in a responsible way! I know that a lot of people are going to just use it because they can and be careless with it. Raising the price is not really going to be great for us who need the gas to be cheaper though

  • No the US gas tax should not be raised due to dropping gas prices

    No the US gas tax should not be raised due to dropping gas prices. The revenue from gas taxes is intended to pay for the cost of road and bridge infrastructure construction and repairs. Falling gas prices actually increase the amount of money in that fund, since more fuel is sold.

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