• Absolutely! Someone needs to be held responsible!

    Four Americans in the service of this country were killed by a hostile enemy! Not only were they killed they asked for aid and none was forthcoming. Help was two hours away and over the course of a seven hour running battle no one was sent! Then to hear that the two navy seals exposed themselves by "lighting up" enemy mortar positions expecting air gunship support and this resulted in their death... I can't think of a great betrayal to American service men. Watergate and Monicagate has nothing on this... In my book this is a thousand times worse. WTF! Defend your own!

  • I believe it does

    Even though we have seen Hilary Clinton tear up and deny any cover up of a Benghazi scandal, I think Congress should continue to investigate it. The lives of American citizens were taken away and we can only rest until all facts are on the table. Should Congress have stopped investigating the Watergate scandal when Nixon vehemently denied any irregularities? Of course not, and Benghazi should be no different.

  • Yes, They Should

    Congress is representative of the American people, and the American people deserve to know as much as they can about what took place in Benghazi on the fateful day of the attack in question. While what is discovered may not be pleasant for everyone, the truth needs to come out so that changes can be made.

  • Get back to work please!

    We've been investigating this for well over a year now, and nothing new is being discovered. Please stop wasting the tax payer's money, and get to work. The nation needs new roads, new schools, tax reform, deficit reform, energy reform, immigration reform, among others. I know the chances of congress agreeing on any of these subjects is low, but at least they would be working on real problems, instead of wasting time and money on fake ones.

  • No, we waste time and money investigating matters blaming political figures more for campaign talking points than finding the truth.

    It is almost always one side of the aisle versus the other, if something happens under a Republican's watch the Democrats (or the other way around) want it investigated further and further until blame is found or the whole point is forgotten to the process. There is sufficient evidence and testimony to determine what went wrong and why.

  • No, let's settle this matter.

    I think the issues have been thoroughly discussed already. The loss of American lives is tragic and I agree that security was lax. What we are looking at here is likely hubris in thinking that private contractors can or would be as effective as American soldiers. The need to rely on outside contractors is a much more interesting conversation and it has so far been overlooked in the Congressional hearings. Our military is spread too thin and the State department has been forced to outsource most of its security to private contractors. There was no conspiracy to deceive the American people and pounding on this question only further disrespects the sacrifice of four brave Americans.

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