• Yes, we have no more money.

    It is really easy to spend someone else’s money. The Federal Government does not “earn” any of their own money. They do not “generate” any income. The only money they receive is from taxes and fees. The general public is held accountable for Washington’s spending. Imagine how great it would be if you could spend all that you wanted and then when the bill came due, and you didn’t have enough, you would simply tell your boss at work that they were required to give you a raise. What would your boss say if you tried that?
    If you are walking downtown and somebody asks you for change, and if you only have the money to pay a bill and none to give them, what is it called if that person takes your wallet? Maybe, you are able to give a little but the person feels they should have more so they take additional cash from your pocket, what is that? The government has been given more and more but they continue to take, despite protest, what is this called?
    We need to let the sequester take effect as a small first step to regaining control of our government. Our current spending level is well beyond our means. We need to make dramatic corrections before the creditors come to collect.

  • It is Time to Live Within our Means

    After the housing bubble burst a large percentage of Americans were forced to scale back their budgets. Families made cuts and were forced to modify their spending habits. It is time for congress to behave in a rationale manner and stop spending the country into bankruptcy.
    There is and always will be a need for many of the social assistance programs our country supports, however, these programs can be more effectively managed. We need to remove the bloat and redundancy from our public liabilities.

  • I Agree

    I agree with the previous answer. I really don't know anything about this subject, but the political craziness going on in Washington is ridiculous! Why are republicans so condemning of the poor? Why do they choose to vote down raises for the disabled and elderly who cannot work but have given enough in their younger years?

  • They need to come up with intelligent answers.

    While I agree something needs to be done about deficits, automatic cuts done hap hazardly is not the way. Bring together the wealth of knowledge in this country and answer the questions that must be answered before it all falls apart. I know both sides are trying to secure their power but they are doing it at the costs of the people.

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