• Yes

    We deserve a Congress who will actually do their jobs. It is their responsibility to act as a check and balance for the power of the Presidency. They need to stand up and stop the unlimited use of drones in killing and spying on people. The White House has already used a drone to assassinate an American child, we need to limit his power now.

  • Yes, it is the responsibility of our congress to limit the use of these unpredictable machines.

    Congress should put limits on the use of drones because there is not enough stability in the control of these machines. If we can control what they do from another location, who is to say that someone can't take them over and use them against us on our own land without us ever knowing.

  • Yes, it is their responsibility.

    Congress has a responsibility to limit America's drone use. The use of drones is irresponsible and inhumane and unconscionable, and as such, is something America should not be doing. It is devastating to civilians, and there is no justification for it. Congress has the responsibility to step up on this human rights issue.

  • Yes They Should

    The use of drones should be highly regulated and limited to only necessary occurrences. Using drones distances us from the killing so it becomes a lot easier to kill children and civilians if you don't have to face them personally. I think this technology needs real strict restrictions. The Congress needs to limit the power.

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