Should Congress pass a law to control the sale and ownership of automatic weapons in the United States?

  • I do support.

    Not because I don't want people to have it, it's just plain dangerous for both aggressors and the public. Which can be proved by many stories shown on the new. Anyways as the previous person before me stated there is no need for them anymore. It should only be used for sport or to protect our country from foreign threat.

  • Because I am not an idiot like the gun supporters

    There is no legitimate reason to own guns anymore, there is no way people can defeat the army with AR15's and for protecting against other civilians, look at all other countries where there are much less gun and much less crime. As a society, we shouldn't cater to a bunch of crazy libertarian idiots who will tolerate all the shooting and gun crimes as a natural state of things.

  • The government shouldn't control anything gun-related.

    It's in the Declaration: the government simply doesn't have the right to control anything that has to do with guns. And if they do, we can overthrow them. This is the reason they control these things, so that we can't stop them from taking complete control. Also, we all know that gun control doesn't work. Enough said.

  • Where have you been?

    They already have. A person would need a special permit from the BATF and would need to post a large bond prior to even purchasing such a weapon. Few people have bothered to jump through all these hoops. Incidentally, when was the last time you heard of a shooting involving the civilian use of an automatic weapon?

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