Should Congress pass both federal and private student loan bankruptcy laws?

Asked by: Anthony1429
  • Yes, currently, students are taken advantage of.

    Yes, Congress should pass federal and private student loan bankruptcy laws, because as it currently is, students are taken advantage of by universities in the form of student loans. Students are desperate for an education that they think will lead to a better job. That means they are willing to take out very large students loans. Universities will just continue to raise their tuition rates and students will never be able to get out form under it, without bankruptcy laws.

  • Be fair to everyone Congress

    The United States Congress likes to help big companies out by giving bailouts and various other laws that help them if they get into trouble. Why can we not do the same for an ordinary person? Students are going to school to learn and thus are not only trying to better themselves but those around them. We should give them some protection.

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