• Yes It Should

    Insider trading is dangerous to the economy and to the stock market. I believe Congress should pass laws that limit their members ability to interact in away that could be construed as insider trading. Personally, I think politicians, when entering the field, should have their stock decisions frozen and they shouldn't participate in the stock market during their time in politics.

  • Congress should not be able to trade.

    This is the sacrifice of public office. If you want to truly make a difference for the sake of the people in your region, then you can stop trading for that time which you serve the people. It's not true service if you used knowledge specific to your position to profit. That is a selfish stance and should be outed for what it is. Greed, pure and simple.

  • Yes, I think Congress should pass laws limiting it's members' ability to do insider trading.

    Members of Congress often have access to information that will move markets that the general public is not aware of, I don't think this is fair and I think strict regulations should be in place limiting the ability of members of Congress to be allowed to financially benefit from this information, everyone should be on a fair ground in financial markets.

  • Congress should be limited in insider trading.

    Congress should pass laws that limit its members' ability to do insider trading. Everyone else in limited in the ability to do insider trading and Congress should have limitations as well. There should be laws to make sure they don't abuse any power for personal gain by way of insider trading.

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