Should Congress pass legislation to audit the Federal Reserve?

Asked by: drago88
  • Close the Federal Reserve

    Since the Federal Reserve is an individual Corporation and not part of the Government it should be Taxed and Audited as any other US Corporation! The US Constitution specifically states that Congress is to be responsible for the making of monies. The Federal Reserve should be abolished or let it be Taxed at 100% after expenses.

  • A Private Bank With No transparency to the People it Supposedly Serves

    The Federal Reserve is a private bank created by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. It is a private central bank designed to control monetary policy in the United States. Since its inception, the Federal Reserve (or Fed for short) has had a great deal of influence and involvement in our economy and its various states, from the Great Depression to the prosperity of the 1950s to the Great Recession of 2008. Its workings and true practices are a mystery to almost all who don't work at the bank. Last year, however, a partial audit (the first ever) revealed that $16 trillion dollars was printed by the Fed and distributed to different countries and businesses around the world. The bank's practice of creating money out of thin air has devalued the US Dollar by 98% in its 100-year existence. We do not know exactly what goes on at the Fed but an institution that controls our currency should be transparent in its activities. The reluctance to be transparent could insinuate that they have something to hide. If it really is doing its job to serve to people of the country and do its best to help the economy, why hide? I support a full audit of the Fed so we can see just what has been going on in America's central bank for the last 100 years. I believe people would be outraged and call for an end to the Fed system, a move which could save our country from financial ruin in the long run.

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