Should Congress pass the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013?

  • How can we call ourselves a first world country?

    If one of the superpower nations in the world, and a nation that we often show off full of accomplishments can have workers that work full time and still live below poverty line, then what kind of nation are we?
    I would much rather pay workers a higher income than having them take money from taxpayers by living off food stamps etc.

  • As prices increase due to inflation, so should wages.

    Case in point, in order for the minimum wage to be what it was in the late 20's, it would need to be around 20 dollars now. That's almost double the amount it would be increased to! While the wage increase isn't as much as it should be, it's at least a start.

  • The minimum wage law was designed to protect entry level employees.

    The minimum wage law was enacted to protect youngsters ... Teenagers ... Working at entry level jobs. With experience, more education and promotions, it is expected that these employees will move into positions with greater compensation.

    If grown up adults are still working at entry level and/or low skill jobs, I believe they need to take the responsibility, initiative and the proper steps to improve their employability and their futures.

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