Should Congress pass the Patent Reform Act to improve the U.S. patent system and inspire innovation?

  • Innovation is the key to improving the economy.

    Any efforts that can be made to improve innovation in America should be considered. We are coming out of a global recession, very slowly, and jobs need to be created to recover the economy. This requires consumer spending to create jobs, and innovation is needed to stimulate consumer spending.

    Posted by: SoWinif
  • Yes, Congress should pass the Patent Reform Act to improve the U.S. patent system and inspire innovation, because ideas should be protected from theft.

    I have heard of a lot of patent ideas being stolen. So, perhaps a re-working or improvement of the U.S. patent system is in order. Without a fair and useful program, a great many ideas which require a patent might not become a reality for society to benefit from and progress into a new future with.

    Posted by: SuccinctDerek96
  • Of course, Congress should make it easier for citizens to advance science, technology, or other areas, with their creativity.

    It takes too much money to get a patent and discourages many would-be
    improvements and creations. Considering how much industry and the economy
    would benefit from an infusion of creative ideas and new manufacturing, it's
    really quite stupid that Congress ties up the process.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • The primary costs in obtaining a patent have skyrocketed, making for a need to "reinvent" the patent process.

    Costing roughly $10,000 to patent an invention, most people cannot afford to pay these up front costs in protecting intellectual property. New reforms introducing a more streamlined patent process which decreases the costs is very much needed.

    Posted by: GlisteningNelson
  • Yes, I agree congress should pass the Patent Reform Act, because it would help educate those who could innovate.

    Many people have great ideas out there. Some could solve solutions for any number of tasks. The problem is that some people do not even know that they have such a great idea, and that a patent would be beneficial. The Patent Reform Act will make people more aware of this topic, and definitely inspire others to be more innovative.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • Congress should pass it because new innovations and ideas could turn into new jobs and boost our economy.

    A new patent could mean a new product, and that would in turn need people to manufacture it or otherwise work to bring it into existence. These new jobs would help our citizens by providing them with income, and it would also provide greater tax revenue.

    Posted by: darcyska
  • Yes I concur that Congress should pass the Patent Reform Act because, it will help revolutionize and simplify the patent process in the upcoming years.

    While many bills that Congress pass can seem tedious, boring, and unnecessary, the Patent Reform Act will prove to be a legitimate move towards the process of patenting inventions being more secure, simpler, and more trustworthy. I think it is something they should definitely decide as a necessary priority, as far as the future of America and it's home-based products are concerned.

    Posted by: ToyMatt
  • Yes, Congress should pass the Patent Reform Act since almost every other country in the world uses a similar system

    The current patent system is just like many other government run systems: bloated and unnecessary. Similar to health care, almost every other developed country in the world has found and adopted the most efficient systems that reduce expenses and benefit their citizens. In this case, the first-to-file system of dealing with patents. The U.S. is once again last to act, with too much debate. This is another example of why we are in debt to the tune of 13 trillion dollars, and headed downhill in a hurry.

    Posted by: R3ciP3Saye
  • The U.S. Congress should do anything in their power to improve creativity and invention.

    The U.S. Congress should pass the Patent Reform Act so that the process for submitting and getting a patent will be faster than it currently is. The need for invention and creation is very high. It raises living standards and helps create new jobs. There is no reason not to pass this legislation and quicken the pace of development. There is simply no downside to this proposition.

    Posted by: ChotAnguris
  • I don't think Congress should pass the Patent Reform Act because it will take away protections from inventors.

    I disagree with the Patent Reform Act because it takes away protections from inventors, making it harder to protect their ideas. The law seems to make it harder for inventors to sue to protect their ideas. I can't see innovation being encouraged if, once your ideas get off the ground, there is no protection for them.

    Posted by: JayceC
  • I am against the Patent Reform Act because with it they start awarding the patent rights to the first person to file an idea, not the person who invents it.

    Giving out patent rights to the first person to file an idea opens up a lot of avenues for abuse. Someone could claim the patent rights to several ideas that they can not or will not ever be able to complete. This means that until that person's patent runs out, no one else can invent that idea without paying someone who did nothing more than file a patent before them, even if the original patent filer has made no progress in completing that invention.

    Posted by: H_Baird

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