• It should be

    Do you know if your parents earn minimum wage thry wont be able to pay for your tuition or even not bring you to a nice and decent school.The minimum wage in our country is the 481 a day or around 1,000 amonth knowing this do you think the present minimum wage is enough to answer for the needs and wants of a person,much less someone with a chld or children. The answer is a loud NO it is deffinetly not enough ,especially in emergencies like you have to pay for a rent but you did not earn enough money this month how is that now.

  • Crippling economy on the rise

    Taxes,inflation and cost of living over exceeding low income and increase in poverty statistics.Read My LIPS! We've been in a sink hole for the last 5 years! These damn Republicans are acting like its their money, well they keep getting rich,meanwhile the rest of us keep getting poorer. I would only recommend 1 person for this minimum wage OVERHAUL,Paul Lepage,Republican Governor of the State of Maine

  • Yes they need to

    The minimum wage needs to go up because at this current time most people can not get jobs that pay anything but minimum wage. That is part of the problem with all the people who are getting food stamps. They are working themselves to death and still can't feed their families. Many families are living together in one household so they can survive. The economy is in a tail spin in my opinion because most of the new jobs out there are minimum wage jobs. There just aren't enough jobs for the people who have degrees which causes them to take the minimum wage positions to try and survive

  • Congress should raise minimum wage

    There are too many families under the poverty line. Too many parents working double shifts, over time, and 2+ jobs just to make ends meet. The cost of living has gone up, so the reward for working those long hours should raise too. How long has it been since you've gotten a raise? What about teachers? How long are we going to let this go on? Just raise the minimum wage already...

  • Minimum wage should be higher, it would only be fair.

    Minimum wage workers deserve a higher pay because they do some of the most important jobs in society today. I agree with Obama that congress should raise federal minimum wage from $7.23 an hour, to $9 an hour. To me, that perfectly fair and its what those workers deserve. Its also been 9 years since they raised minimum wage. Its about time people got what they deserved.

  • Yes, they Need to

    The price of living has gone up. The price of everything has gone up and minimum wage, even with overtime and 2 jobs, a lot of families can not pay all the bills! Inflation is going to happen whether the 'lower class' can afford it or not. We do not need to raise the bar or the expectation. The guy who takes out the trash for $7.50 an hour can still take out the trash for $11 an hour. I think it would also boost morale, self esteem and security. Happy workers are good workers.

  • They Really Should

    The cost of living has gone up. Due to this, I believe that salaries should as well. Congress should definitely raise minimum wage and it would be nice if they did it as soon as possible. Some say this will lead to inflation but I do not believe it will. People with more money will spend more.

  • Well You See

    Increasing the minimum wage would force businesses to lay off employees and raise unemployment levels. The Congressional Budget Office projected that a minimum wage increase from $7. 25 to $10. 10 would result in a loss of 500, 000 jobs. [5] In a survey of 1, 213 businesses and human resources professionals, 38% of employers who currently pay minimum wage said they would lay off some employees if the minimum wage was raised to $10. 10. 54% said they would decrease hiring levels. [44] San Francisco's Office of Economic Analysis said that an increase to $15 would reduce the city's employment by about "15, 270 private sector jobs. " [45] In 2014, Steve H. Hanke, PhD, Professor of Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University, Surveyed the 21 European Union (EU) countries that have a minimum wage and found they had an average unemployment rate of 11. 8%, About a third higher than the 7. 9% average unemployment rate in the seven EU countries that have no minimum wage.

  • Businesses Shutting Down

    An increasing minimum wage would effectively cause the shutdown of many businesses. Most small businesses aren't capable of paying the needed employees above minimum wage. Even some large businesses wouldn't be able to handle a minimum wage increase. Jamie Richardson, MBA, Vice President of fast food chain White Castle, Said that the company would be forced to close almost half its stores and let go thousands of workers if the federal minimum wage were raised to $15.

  • Why raising minimum wage is bad

    1) higher minimum wage does not incentivize people to learn more valuable skills.

    2) if the minimum wage were increased to say, $15/hr, what does that say about YOUR job that you've spent years working to be relevant and valuable? Do you really think everyone's pay will increase on that same scale (you know, double!??)

    3) significantly raising minimum wage will only create the same situation at a new level. The cost of everything will go up with it, and the new minimum will no longer be enough

    4) there WILL be less jobs as a result. Most companies that pay minimum operate on very tight margins and rely on selling volume day in and day out to succeed. They will look to cut costs. I suspect that most likely only very productive individuals would be able to keep their jobs, and competition for those jobs would be fierce.

    Not everyone has to go to college. There are thousands of jobs in the skilled trades that need hardworking people with good aptitude that will provide without having any more debates about minimum wage. Leave those for the teenagers and college students or post retirement folks. These aren't permanent jobs people.

  • No it should not!

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  • Minimum Wage Increase is a no!

    When prices go up so do small things like food drinks and other consumer items. This is because the people who produce these things need to be paid more and the company they work for still wants to make the same profit they were previously. So they raise the price of their product. All of a sudden your $1.75 soda costs $2.25.

  • Make it a state by state thing

    Minimum wage isn't absurdly low across the board in this country, some states need to shape up much more than others (South Carolina for example, what a joke.) It's a state by state solution to resolve the issues with minimum wage, congress cannot blanket put it at one number for the whole country because cost of living isn't the same everywhere.

  • Don't raise minimum wage!

    This will not help because they will have to raise it again later because the cost of living will go up and up. I think of it like this Is it better to have a job or job at all. Because people will get fired. Just wait and see I hope people who don't believe me will get fired@!

  • Minimum wage increase = Less employees

    If congress increases the minimum wage, what's to say that employer's will have enough money to pay the new salary? What's to say they won't just fire people in order to reach their budget? I agree that people are under-paid, but if the new law is passed, people will go from $7,23 an hour to $0,00 an hour.

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