• Congress needs to curb spending

    The budget debate in Washington has become old news for those of us trying to stay abreast of events. Congress pretends to agonize over the budget and lashes out with fear mongering about being forced to cut Social Security, stop feeding hungry children in the lunch programs, closing national parks, etc. What Congress is not doing is standing up to lobbyists and curbing their appetite for pork projects. It is time to act responsibly and listen to the people. Curb spending and balance the budget or find a new job.

  • This is a false choice.

    Congress should raise the debt ceiling because doing so enables us to keep making good on debt that we have already incurred. It has nothing to do with future spending. Thrift is admirable and nobody, regardless of party or ideology, wants the government to waste money, but politicians who say that raising the debt ceiling is the same as spending more money are deliberately misrepresenting the reality of the situation.

  • No, Congress should not raise the debt ceiling

    This argument comes around much too often. The country should not be required to raise the amount of debt we incur every year. The government needs to reduce spending to sustain itself. What company could operate at a loss every year and continue to approve a bigger loss in the following year's budget? The deficit is so large now that the government requires major reform just to come close to a break-even entity. It should be stopped now before the gap is even further.

  • Not Quite Right

    The debt ceiling and the spending may seem directly interconnected but the fact is, is that they are not. The debt ceiling simply says we can't go over a certain dollar amount in borrowing, while the budget and spending are an entirely different issue. With that said, we obviously need to curb spending and we are currently doing that.

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