Should Congress repeal the scheduled cuts to defense spending?

  • You can't weaken the military

    Considering the political environment of today, with NK threatening to nuke us and spreading terrorism in Africa, this is no time to reduce the budget of the military. The military needs it's budget to keep our soldiers in well maintained condition. I would hate for something to happen and America have to be involved because it's our "duty" to and our military doesn't have the gear it needs to fight.

  • Yes, the scheduled cuts to defense spending should be amended.

    Budget is definitely needed along with tax amendment to have better balance in the budget. And defense budget also should be reduced, since too much money is spend for military purposes unnecessarily and its cut will greatly contribute to restoration of the budget balance. But this arbitrary cut to military budget will cause confusion and harm to US' role in keeping peace in the world.

  • Yes, but only if all of the scheduled cuts are amended.

    The current plan to cut the federal budget across the board is arbitrary and harmful to all federal programs. This is particularly true in terms of the military, where large capital and equipment items are set prices that may not fit well with the needed cost reduction. Additionally, it is vital to provide all military personnel with the support, equipment, and benefits they have earned.

    However, a nuanced approach is needed in examining the cuts to all federal programs. The defense budget has too often been viewed with the perspective that it is somehow separate and does not directly add to the deficit. This is not true. Increased efficiency is needed across the board, however, this cannot be achieved without taking into account ways to increase federal revenue and how to best promote and expand quality programming while eliminating or replacing inefficient programs.

  • The Military-Industrial complex

    The US already spends far too much on defense. The current cuts are just a drop in the bucket; I would personally advocate even deeper cuts. However, that's probably not going to fly in the current political climate, so I'll settle for the cuts that are already on the table. It's better than nothing, and it will at least help a little bit in balancing the budget.

  • Everyone Must Sacrifice

    It's called the Department of Defense, not the Department of 9-1-1 Service. The U.S. military's primary role is a defensive unit, not a force with bases in every country. With a large Navy and Air Force, America's rapid-response capabilities are unmatched. Foreign bases should be shuttered to save money. A smaller, more mobile force is necessary to achieve America's modern mission. The Cold War is over--and guess, what? We won. It's time to get over the fact that we need a larger military to be effective. With less defense money, defense contractors won't be as profitable. It's a free market economy--defense shouldn't be a priority over taking care of the poor or the elderly.

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